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I've worn many hats during my entrepreneurial journey, including writing and creating whiteboard videos, marketing, investor relations (Blurbeo), owning and managing my own vapor pen brand (TouchESubject), servicing the real estate market and other clients as the CEO of Puget Sound Field Inspections, founded CLV Investments LLC, and currently holding a position with Byte Me LLC as a Digital Marketing Consultant.

This blog was originally started as a way for me to track my progress in trading stocks, but it's has since morphed into much more. I now use it as a window into what I'm doing to reach my goal of financial freedom. You're going to see what I'm doing to create multiple streams of income, articles and interviews that are business related or featuring other entrepreneurs, and most importantly you're going to get to know me and hopefully I can inspire you to pursue your own dreams

I'm a very driven individual with a passion for customer service and improving our communities.

Please feel free to connect. I'd love to do business with you.

Reselling Income Stream

Reselling items through sites like Ebay, Amazon, and Craigslist is nothing new when it comes to it being an income stream. But the concept of reselling as an investment vehicle is rarely spoken about.

When you purchase a stock, hold for a period of time, and then sell said stock for a profit you're investing... the same process takes place in reselling. For example you find an item at a thrift store, list and hold the item, then sell it for a profit... is that not investing?

With reselling it is common to see an ROI of 50% to even 1000% or more!

The problem is scalability and time investment.

A couple cool examples:

Jimi Hendrix shot glass
Paid: $0.94, Total Investment After Fees & S/H: $9.83
Sold: $41.64
Profit: $31.81
ROI: 223.60% 

Golf Bag 
Grand Opening of a Thrift Store, Owner was basically giving items away
Paid: $1.50
Sold to Play it Again Sports 30 minutes later
Solid: $20
Profit: $18.50
ROI: 1,133.33%

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