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I've worn many hats during my entrepreneurial journey, including writing and creating whiteboard videos, marketing, investor relations (Blurbeo), owning and managing my own vapor pen brand (TouchESubject), servicing the real estate market and other clients as the CEO of Puget Sound Field Inspections, founded CLV Investments LLC, and currently holding a position with Byte Me LLC as a Digital Marketing Consultant.

This blog was originally started as a way for me to track my progress in trading stocks, but it's has since morphed into much more. I now use it as a window into what I'm doing to reach my goal of financial freedom. You're going to see what I'm doing to create multiple streams of income, articles and interviews that are business related or featuring other entrepreneurs, and most importantly you're going to get to know me and hopefully I can inspire you to pursue your own dreams

I'm a very driven individual with a passion for customer service and improving our communities.

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Trade History: Capital One Investments

Thanks for following my progress. I'm taking the full transparency approach, so you will see all of the good and the bad. Feel free to contact me with questions.

Account: ShareBuilder ROTH IRA
Starting Trade Capital:  $700.00
Date Open: 07-07-2014
Shares: 525
Enter: $1.01
Date Closed: 07-10-2014
Exit: $0.90
Profit/Loss: -$75 []

Notes: Unfortunately my first trade was a complete fail. The FOUS Revival Pattern was there when I found the pick and was paper trading. I paper traded it at $0.88 and watched it climb to $1.00. It looked good and I honestly thought I'd see it continue to at least the $1.20 range or maybe the $1.45 area. Naturally when I switched to real money I figured "go for what was working." I saw the early climb at opening to $1.01 and bought the 525 shares... then she dipped and I was stuck in the "Freeriding" rule. By the time the freeride rule lifted it had slowly climbed back to $0.90 where I jumped out of the trade. 

There are a few things I did wrong here. I got into the trade while the stock was already at a high and attempted to follow the momentum. While the pattern was there, it lacked a catalyst. And lastly I found myself stuck with the freeride rule and at the mercy of the market. 

Trade #2: $DGLY
Momentum Trade

Date Open: 07-11-2014
Shares: 60
Enter: $8.12
Date Closed: 07-11-2014
Exit: $8.55
Profit/Loss: +$12 []

Notes: The day before this stock was a major gainer. I happened to be up before the market opened and saw that the pre-market was screaming. Chatter on StockTwits was screaming as well. I placed a quick bid of 60 shares @ $7.90 but it wasn't filled until $8.12. The stock was literally jumping percentages like crazy. I saw it break $9.00 and was a little late on pulling the trigger. I managed a small gain though. Sure wish in would have executed @ the $7.90, an easy 20%+ gain would have been nice.

Looking back now it was probably a stupid trade. I was well within the freeride rule and had to ignore the message from ShareBuilder... hope that doesn't comeback and bite me. Also, without level two trading I could have easily thought I'd close with a gain and find myself with a loss. I need to focus on swing trades that last 3 to 4 days.

That said, it was a fun trade.

Trade #3: $GLUU
Momentum Trade / Swing

10 Day Chart @ 15 minutes
Date Open: 07-14-2014
Shares: 46
Enter: $6.05
Date Closed: 07-23-2014
Exit: $7.00
Profit/Loss: +$44 []

Notes: This was a great trade. I first noticed this up trending stock on StockTwits and go on right as the Kim Kardashian game was released. The success of that game caused the stock to shoot up higher as fund flooded into the company. As soon as I was able I set up an 8% trailing stop and let the position grow. 07-22 & 07-23 were very choppy trading days with some steep dips mid-day. I think due to a lot of profit taking and pre-ER moves. I added to my position on 07-22 with an additional 33 shares @ $7.24 and will hold that position to ER and beyond if the market shows green. I'll be placing an 8% trailing stop with that position as well.

Trade #4: $WPCS
Momentum Trade / Swing

5 Day Chart @ 15 minutes

Date Open: 07-14-2014
Shares: 200
Enter: $0.95
Date Closed: 07-17-2014
Exit: $0.721
Profit/Loss: -$63 []

Notes: This is a good example of messing up a entry point. If I had entered earlier on as the bulk of the momentum was rising I would have seen some good gains. But I entered after the major climb banking on the stock continuing to rise at least another 5% to 10%... that just didn't happen and I once again found myself trapped within the free ride rule. Unfortunately in the trading world it takes a lot more to make up for losses so I'm going to be working off the losses from WTSL and WPCS for a while. The one good thing about this trade though, is that I'm forcing myself to change the way I'm placing positions. Instead of using all of my capital per trade, I'm going to trade with 40% and reserve 60% so that I can cover a trailing stop. This will allow me to cut losses quickly since I'm not able to sit in front of the computer all day or be on my mobile every minute.  

**Update** 08-01-14
If I would have held my wad another ten days I would have been able to take profit @ $1.20! Damn! This was before I used the T/20/200. Bet it never dipped below the 200 on the exit for me.

Trade #5: $GLUU
Momentum Trade / Swing / Added to Open Position

10 Day Chart @ 15 minutes
Date Open: 07-22-2014
Shares: 33
Enter: $7.45
Date Closed: 02-19-2015
Exit: $5.15
Profit/Loss: -$76 []

Notes: Added to trade #3. Strong uptrend with ER only 7 days away. Trade #3 was stopped out on 07-23 with the 8% trailing stop being triggered during a big mid-day dip @ $7. 

**Update** 08-01-2014
I'm still holding the position... but kicking myself for lifting the 8% trailing stop. After ER the stock dropped and then we had a major market drop at the same time. Those two factors caused the position to lapse into a 23.23% loss! I would close it but Q3 is going to be profitable and the company is growing rapidly. It will take some time but this position will go green again.

**Update** 02-11-2015
Still holding. The stock has gained to the $5.00 range on news that Katy Perry has signed a gaming contract with them for a similar game as their Kim Kardashian hit. It could be big considering Perry has a much larger fan base. Debating on closing the trade when it hits the $6.00 range to cover some of the losses or continuing to hold in hopes that Perry can bring the stock $7 + range. 

**Closed** 02-19-2015
 I was able to ride this to $5.15 but decided that continuing to hold and have the extra capital tied up was not worth the wait to break even. I still like GLUU and think there will be a time were I will trade it again. Most likely when the Katy Perry game gets close to being released.


Trade #6: $LSG
Momentum Trade / Swing

3 month chart @
Date Open: 08-01-2014
Shares: 198
Enter: $1.15
Date Closed: 08-13-2014
Exit: $1.1801
Profit/Loss: +$6 []

Notes: Decided to trade another momentum stock and found LSG on Finviz. The pricing was perfect for my small capital since a decent chunk was still tied up with the 2nd GLUU position. The company, Lake Shore Gold Corp, has seen some healthy growth and increased earnings. The ticker is still trading the T/20/200. I have the 8% trailing stop set up from the get go... 3 month chart on Yahoo shows a gain of 32.93%. Let's see if I can't squeeze another 10% to 20% on this one.

*Update 08-13-2014*
8% trailing stop was triggered when the stock dipped too much. Appears that the ticker has slowed in its upward climb. Will watch for another possible entry. Good news is that it protected me from any huge losses, bad news is that the gain percentage was too low to cover the fees and I ended up losing $7.94... but -$8 is pretty conservative and I'm good with it.

Trade #7: $IFON
200 EMA Bounce / Swing

3 month Chart

Date Open: 08-19-2014
Shares: 220
Enter: $2.05 Limit Order
Date Closed: 09-15-2014
Exit: $2.336
Profit/Loss: +$63 []

Notes: I watched this stock for a while after I noticed that it consistently bounced off of the 200ema for roughly $0.50 gains each bounce. Since May the ticker did the 200ema bounce five times before I placed my order on the 6th dip to the ema. Placed a limit buy order of $2.05 since it seemrd that the stock would dip intraday to around $2.03. Looking for a nice 10% gain.

This worked well but was a bit of a wait. The 8% trailing stop did it's job and closed me out with a 10.54% gain and a net profit of $49.02 after commissions. Unfortunately it did knock me out of the game before the ticker repeated its pattern and rose to $2.54 mid day and then started its drop back to the 200ema. But I'm not complaining... a gain is a gain! May look to play this again if it bounces the 200ema again.

Trade #8: $IFON
200 EMA Bounce / Swing

Date Open: 09-24-2014
Shares: 250
Enter: $2.02 Limit Order
Date Closed: 02-05-2015
Exit: $142
Profit/Loss: -$163.15 []

Notes: Attempted to hit the 200ema bounce again but was caught off guard by it continuing to dip. I mistakenly took the extra dip as nothing to worry about and waited. The downward trend continued until my losses were huge. I should have listened to my own advice and cut my losses and found something else to trade. But no, I'm a dumb ass, and now I have a huge loss.

Trade #9: $JOEZ
Vin_Trader Alert, FOUS Revival / Swing

Date Open: 02-11-2015
Shares: 255
Enter: $0.562 Market
Date Closed: 02-11-2015
Exit: $0.5311
Profit/Loss: -$25.36 []

Notes: Vin_Trader put out four stocks to watch on 02/11 and I attempted to scalp a quick profit since it was already halfway into the trading day when I checked his blog. It was a loss for me, but not because Vin_Trader had a bad pick... his pick was actually 12% to 16% gainer for the day. There were a few things that went wrong here. One being that I had a poor entry point, I entered hoping that the stock would gain to a 20%+ gain for the day and scalp maybe 8% to 10%, that didn't happen of course and my trailing stop snagged me as the stock began its consolidation period. Which brings me to the other thing I see wrong here, looking back I think I set my trailing stop too tight at 5%. The last few times I used a 8% trailing stop. That said, if the stock drops tomorrow I should be happy with the 5% loss and lick my wounds. 

Added Funds: $200
Decided to add a little to recoup the recent losses.

Trade #10: $MCP
Vin_Trader Alert, FOUS Revival /Day Trade

Date Open: 02-13-2015
Shares: 208
Enter: $0.99 Market
Date Closed: 02-13-2015
Exit: $1.0601
Profit/Loss: +$15 []

Notes: Another great pick by Vin_Trader. I placed the buy before going to bed the prior night. Not a huge position due to a lower amount of free capital in the account (unsettled trade and GLUU still holding) but I was able to scratch out a gain for the end of the week. Some on StockTwits are saying bigger gains for MCP next week but I don't want to hold over a holiday weekend. 

Trade #11: $NBG
Vin_Trader Alert, FOUS Revival / Swing Trade

Date Open: 02-24-2015
Shares: 177
Enter: $2.00
Date Closed: 02-25-2015
Exit: $1.775
Profit/Loss: -$40 []

Notes: Originally found this through Vin_Trader's watch list and decided to try and take advantage of the Greece bailout news. The stock was very volatile and news driven but the chart showed a solid revival pattern as well. Pre-market was on fire with a 4% to 5% gain and it looked as if it was going to continue into the trading day. Entered at open with $2.00 a share and an 8% trailing stop, but the day started to decline and almost stopped me out. 10% profit target.

** Update** 02-25-2015
She continued her drop and gaped down at the open. The 8% trailing stop was triggered and I'm out. Not sure why the stock declined... Good upward movements the prior week, good volume, revival pattern good, strong Bull sentiment on StockTwits, no shortage of news coverage... yet it still pulled back. Oh well, at least I stuck to my S/L.

Odd that I set an 8% trailing stop, yet profit.ly calculates a 11.25% loss on this trade. Why did Sharebuilder allow an extra 3.25% loss???? frustrating.

Trade #12: $TCPI
Bounce Play

Date Open: 03-02-2015
Shares: 95
Enter: $3.15
Date Closed: 03-02-2015
Exit: $3.0
Profit/Loss: -$14 []

Notes: Heard that some traders will play the bounce after a stock has a major loss and becomes oversold. This was an attempt to do that with a 5% trailing stop. Would have worked if I had placed my trade pre-market or right at the opening as it saw a brief 10%+ gain before falling again. Seems like a risky type of play. Not sure if I'll do this again. I feel more comfortable with breakouts, momentum, and maybe shorts.

Trade #13: $ARCP
Vin_Trader Alert, FOUS Revival / Swing Trade

Date Open: 03-02-2015
Shares: 28
Enter: $10.29
Date Closed: 03-05-2015
Exit: $10.00
Profit/Loss: -$8 []

Notes: Looked like it was going to be a good breakout play but it just didn't do what I wanted. I had a poor entry as well because I entered during the morning spike. But I did have a well executed exit and cut losses with minimal damage.

Trade #14: $INVT
Promotion Swing Trade

Date Open: 03-11-2015
Shares: 500
Enter: $0.6696
Date Closed: 03-12-2015
Exit: $0.682
Profit/Loss: +$6 []

Notes: Attempted to swing trade a promotion for a possible gap up in the following morning. Gap up took place but was smaller than expected and triggered my 8% trailing stop as it faded. If I had set my stop a little bigger I likely would have hit a higher gain somewhere in the 5% to 7% range later in the day, but that would be higher than I'm allowing myself to set and that's just fine.

Trade #15: $AXXE
Momentum / Swing Trade, Stock Promotion Play

Date Open: 03-17-2015
Shares: 3,500
Enter: $0.12
Date Closed: 03-17-2015
Exit: $0.155
Profit/Loss: +$105 []

Notes: Momentum play. Got in with 4,500 shares after the morning rush and decided to take profits with 3,500 shares. Leaving 1,000 shares as a swing trade for the AM. Looking for a gap up or spike, promotions hitting hard.

Trade #16: $AXXE
Momentum / Swing Trade, Stock Promotion Play

Date Open: 03-17-2015
Shares: 1,000
Enter: $0.12
Date Closed: 03-18-2015
Exit: $0.1325
Profit/Loss: +$12 []

Notes: This was a partial position that I left in as a swing from the prior day. It did spike to .17 in the morning and was holding .16 when I jumped in the shower. Got out and saw that it had dipped under my mental stop of .16 and was sitting at .14. Closed the position with gains from the day before and collected a nice +10% gain. 

Trade #17: $CJTF
Momentum / Swing Trade, Stock Promotion Play

Date Open: 03-23-2015
Shares: 200,000
Enter: $0.002
Date Closed: 03-25-2015
Exit: $0.00105
Profit/Loss: -$190 []

Notes: This was a really poor attempt to swing trade off of PR. There was a report that the company had made some significant headway in court to collect on a $12.5 million note receivable. Unfortunately the PR never made it to the mainstream media outlets and I wrongly held in hopes that a day would pass and the news would hit. As it would turn out, there is a possibility that the PR was false to begin with. UGH!!!

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