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Saturday, August 23, 2014

GLUU & IFON: What's Going On?

Friday saw GLUU continue its drop in price and we're now sitting below $5... really sucks and highlights the reason of why you need to have a trailing stop in place. I'm now at a NEGATIVE 34% on the position which would be my larges loss if I closed the position. I am continuing to hold however, but not just because I don't want to take the hit, it's mostly because I still see the stock bouncing to the $7 to $10 range near or after Q3.

Here's a couple of recent articles on GLUU:

The new position this week on IFON ended the week in the green but only by a hair. We are still bobbing around on the 200ema and the pattern holds. Between June 10th through the 18th the ticker saw a similar bobbing action before rising to $2.27 and then dipping back to the 200ema for another bounce that shot up to $2.46.

I have the 8% trailing stop in place but I'm thinking I won't need it. If the stock hits the 10% mark I'll tighten the stop to 2% or 3%. With this pattern usually hitting a gain of 10% to 15% that should leave me with no less than 8% gains. I may manually take profits at the 15% though.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Seeking Alpha Article Bullish on GLUU

A new Seeking Alpha article was published today highlighting why traders may want to get in while the stock is still low.

From the article:
Stone Fox Capital

Bottom Line

The best part about a secondary in a growth stock is that it typically deflates the stock price while at the same time padding the balance sheet with cash. New investors get the opportunity to enter the stock at an artificial low with the extra security blanket of a balance sheet loaded with cash. In this case, investors had the added proof of the process working in the past and a prime example of how the company can use a small amount of cash to turn a distinguishable game franchise into a mobile winner.
The recent secondary by Glu Mobile was undoubtedly frustrating to existing investors at the time, but anybody paying attention to the balance sheet knew the possibility might exist. As with Zynga and its large cash hoard, it's really what the company does with the cash that matters as much as how it was obtained. Glu Mobile has a history of utilizing the cash cushion to further the company and investors should opportunistically take advantage of the current and future dips in the stock.
Use the recent weakness in Glu Mobile to embrace the stock as it continues to create top downloaded games.

Trade #7: IFON and the 200ema Bounce

I've been watching this ticker for a while now because I noticed that the price shows a pattern of bouncing off of the 200ema and then topping roughly at a $0.50 gain. The pattern was very regular with 5 full bounces before I placed my order on the 6th dip to the 200ema. The fact that it has bounced off of the ema so well leads me to think that I can either catch a nice 10% gain or their may be a breakout on the horizon with a much larger upside.

Small position of 220 shares with a limit buy order of $2.05.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Stuck on GLUU, Will Longs See Gains?

With the recent drop in stock price for GLUU I've seen a lot of long traders griping in the StockTwits board as well as several Shorts sending out jabs at the longs. While its all entertaining... and I admit, a little fun to contribute in comments, it does leave me wondering where this stock is going. I'm long with an entry @ $7.45 (2nd position pre Q2 ER that I removed the stop on ~ dumb ass I know ~)

I'm still holding because I strongly feel that this ticker will climb back to the $7 and $8 range, and likely see higher near the Q3 results.

This is why:

  1. New games are ranking high and giving larger competitors major competition.
  2. Unique monitizing platforms for their products.
  3. The acquisition of Cie games is set to complete by the end of Aug, stock dilution should see a correction when that completes... unless the deal isn't finished on time.
  4. Sept. 1, insiders are allowed to buy back in to the company
  5. Oct. Q3 results are do and the profit numbers are huge this quarter!
  6. I'm betting that sometime Sept we see "smart money" placing positions. 

Friday, August 15, 2014

Stop Triggered on LSG: New Game for GLUU is a Hit

Unfortunately $LSG continued to slow and I saw today's dip trigger my 8% trailing stop. It gave me a small 2.62% gain... but with the smaller position size the fee hit me and caused a loss of $7.94. I was hoping for at least a 10% gain before the trigger was pulled but oh well. The stop did it's job and protected me from a larger loss. I may look for a re-entry later but I'm waiting for the GLUU position to finish first. I think my next trade with utilize a full half of my capital to maximize my position size.


Glu Mobile (GLUU) Introduces 'Tap Sports Baseball' App

Glu Mobile (NASDAQ: GLUU) announced the availability of Tap Sports Baseball on the App Store and Google Play. Players assemble and manage their own roster of players, make game-time decisions, and play against Game Center and Facebook friends. Glu has partnered with the Major League Baseball Players Association to include the names and numbers of real-world baseball stars, adding to the realism of the game.
"We are excited to enter the sports genre with an easy to play, highly social experience in Tap Sports Baseball," said Niccolo de Masi, Glu CEO. "Tap Sports Baseball delivers an authentic major league experience through one-touch tap controls, exciting offense-centric gameplay, and through Glu`s agreement with the MLBPA, many of today`s star players."

Other Article from MarketWatch

Lot of talk on the StockTwits forum for GLUU. Sounds like this is a new hit for the company and with some luck we'll see this reflected on the ticker price.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Glu Mobile Short Interest Up 50.8% in July

An Article on GLUU from WKRB: Zack Kirkland

"Shares of Glu Mobile (NASDAQ:GLUU) were the target of a significant increase in short interest during the month of July. As of July 31st, there was short interest totalling 18,129,101 shares, an increase of 50.8% from the July 15th total of 12,023,499 shares, AnalystRatingsNetwork reports. Based on an average daily volume of 15,314,010 shares, the short-interest ratio is presently 1.2 days. Currently, 21.0% of the company’s shares are sold short."

King Places Blame on Glu Mobile!

GLUU has begun to climb again and with some luck we'll see this as the start on a long running upward trend to catch the $7 to $8 trading area we saw before the ER. Sept 1st is the date insiders of Glu Mobile can buy back into the company and it will be interesting to see how big the positions are when they are placed. Q3 is set to be huge.

From Seeking Alpha:

GLUU + 1.5% AH after King partly blames Kardashian game for woes.

  • Candy Crush Saga developer King Digital reported light Q2 bookings and provided disappointing Q3 full-year guidance. The company says, "Eteral factors" such as the popularity of Glu's Kim Kardashian Hollywood are taking a toll on Candy Crush activity.
  • Glu has received a small lift from the remarks. Shares are still well below where they traded before the company's July 30 Q2 report
  • COO Stephane Kurgan of King:
    "There are a number of possible external factors, one of which is obviously competition, and indeed we've seen a number of games emerge in the top 10 where there is clearly a demographic overlap with our business. "You have two categories, right? You have, you know, a very successful game from Glu, which is the Kardashian game, which has risen very fast, which clearly has strong overlap with our demographic. "But you also have a game like '2048,' which is another great success which we haven't seen in the top grossing, but which obviously has an impact on the time, on the minutes being played by your player base."

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Realized Gains Today with LSG!!!

With my 8% trailing stop in place its a little bit of a wait to reach the realized gains. Today, $LSG rose 6.84% and put me in realized gains of 1.17%.

Now the only question is do I take profits if the unrealized reaches 20% or to I let it sit and grow?

either way it green for me!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

I See Green for GLUU in the Next Few Days

Glu Mobile's CEO was on Fox Business today and had a lot of very positive things to say about the company's future.

1) Mentioned that while he was in Hollywood to set up the Kim Kardashian deal he was, "there to strike a number of partnerships" This may mean that they have several other celebrities on board and we may see multiple celebrities based games coming out on the same platform. Big money for them!

2) Mentioned that Glu Mobile will also become available on other gaming systems.

3) An investment in GLUU is an investment on the mobile phone market... which is HUGE!!!!

4) Following Apple and Google on where ever they go. Those two companies are market makers and leaders in disruptive technology when it comes to gaming, online platforms, and handheld technology.


There's a new article on GLUU published on the Seeking Alpha site. Check it out.

Monkey See Monkey Do: LSG

With the markets seeming to like the color red recently it isn't all that surprising that Gold has stayed in the green or at least level. Luckily for me, that helps my position in $LSG which has seen some minor gains since I placed the trade. I'm hoping to take profits around the 10% to 20% gains area.

 1 Year Chart: +264.52%
YTD: +126%
6M: +73.85%
3M: +37.80%
1M: +8.65%
5D: -0.88%
1D: +1.80%

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

VP of GLUU Sells 37,596 Shares: Good or Bad?

Well my 2nd position in $GLUU continued to drop today and has continued to make me cringe at the fact that I broke another rule (releasing my 8% trailing stop) The position now sits with a nasty -30.48% loss totaling $74.93 in unrealized losses. 

Several traders on StockTwits that are pro GLUU and sitting on long positions too have pointed out that this ticker's history shows large drops post ER and then nice climbs to higher levels a while later. This and the positives within the company itself has reinforced my belief in holding long. Such as profits, products, the recent acquisition of a profitable company, etc.

But with all that said, I was sent an email announcing that the company's VP had just sold 37,596 shares... I'm now wondering what this says and how it will effect the ticker in the next few days.

I'm guessing that it could be profit taking on the VP's part, but it seems odd to do so now, why not back in the 7s? 

Could it mean that the VP is getting ready to leave the company? Not sure.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Analysts Updates for GLUU & LSG

Data From Flashratings.com

Glu Mobile (GLUU)

Median Target Price $8.00 (39% Upside)
Positive Ratings 75% of 4 Analysts
Day Range: 7

07/31Stifel Nicolausbuy$8
07/31Canaccord Genuitybuy$8
07/31Northland Securitiesaccumulate$9.5

Median Target Price $1.50 (37% Upside)
Positive Ratings 60% of 5 Analysts
Day Range: 30

07/31M Partnersbuy$1.65
07/23Haywood Securitiesbuy$1.4
07/15CIBCsector perform$1.5
07/10TD Securitiesbuy$1.65

Saturday, August 2, 2014

New Avatar Charater

For a long time I've used the Doofenshmirtz evil scientist character as my avatar... but I've decided to change that up in honor of what I'm attempting. I now have two businesses up and running, Blurbeo.com and PennyPumpPro.com and I'm actively trading. The process is slow to start, but I'm on the road to financial freedom and that deserves a worthy cartoon character...

So with that said, I give you Mr. Krabs my new avatar :)

Trade #6: LSG

I decided to enter into trade #6 today with another momentum play. $LSG has shown a nice upward movement for several months, the above chart is the 3 month @ day chart. Yahoo shows the 3 month chart with a 32.93% gain.

The company seems to be doing well and is breaking earning records. Not much chatter on StockTwits however.

The position isn't huge, just 198 shares, but I wanted to ensure that I could have my 8% trailing stop in place from the very beginning should it collapse on me. 

From a recent article on LSG:

Second Quarter 2014 ("Q2/14")
  • Record production of 52,300 ounces, 70% increase from second quarter 2013 ("Q2/13")
  • Record gold sales of 53,500 ounces, close to double the 27,600 ounces sold in Q2/13
  • Cash operating cost(1) per ounce sold of US$556, 39% better than US$908 in Q2/13
  • All-in sustaining cost(2) per ounce sold of US$784, 38% improvementfrom Q2/13
  • Total production costs(3) of $32.5 million compared to $26.0 million in Q2/13, reflecting significantly higher volumes
  • Cash and bullion increased $14.3 million in Q2/14 to $53.4 million at June 30, 2014
Six Months 2014 ("6M/14")
  • Record production of 96,900 ounces, 79% increase from first six months of 2013 ("6M/13")
  • Record gold sales of 96,500 ounces, 80% increase from 53,700 ounces sold in 6M/13
  • Cash operating cost per ounce sold of US$585, 38% better than US$944 in 6M/13
  • All-in sustaining cost per ounce sold of US$862, 38% improvementfrom 6M/13
  • Total production costs of $62.1 million versus $52.1 million in 6M/13, reflecting higher production volumes
  • Cash and bullion increased $19.4 million in 6M/14 to $53.4 million at June 30, 2014

Friday, August 1, 2014

EOD Update 07-31-14

Thought I'd do a quick EOD update on my 2nd position in $GLUU. With the market dip and bears attacking the stock after the ER I was really in shock to see the stock drop so far. And of course it took place right after I decided to remove my trailing stop of 8%... Yes, I know I said I was going to stick with the trailing stops... I'm weak and there was SO MUCH good news around the company and the ER that it didn't seem like such a dip would occur.

Even thought the position is now sitting on a loss of -24.7% I'm going to hold. Even if I have to wait until Q3 it will go back up.  With all of the new company profits and acquisition in play I can't imagine we'd see it fall further at that time.

But I've been wrong before.

Holy Cow That's a LOT of Red!!!

I was checking Finviz for a new stock pick and noted the heat map's color from today's market... That's the most red I've seen on a heat map yet... Crazy