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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

King Places Blame on Glu Mobile!

GLUU has begun to climb again and with some luck we'll see this as the start on a long running upward trend to catch the $7 to $8 trading area we saw before the ER. Sept 1st is the date insiders of Glu Mobile can buy back into the company and it will be interesting to see how big the positions are when they are placed. Q3 is set to be huge.

From Seeking Alpha:

GLUU + 1.5% AH after King partly blames Kardashian game for woes.

  • Candy Crush Saga developer King Digital reported light Q2 bookings and provided disappointing Q3 full-year guidance. The company says, "Eteral factors" such as the popularity of Glu's Kim Kardashian Hollywood are taking a toll on Candy Crush activity.
  • Glu has received a small lift from the remarks. Shares are still well below where they traded before the company's July 30 Q2 report
  • COO Stephane Kurgan of King:
    "There are a number of possible external factors, one of which is obviously competition, and indeed we've seen a number of games emerge in the top 10 where there is clearly a demographic overlap with our business. "You have two categories, right? You have, you know, a very successful game from Glu, which is the Kardashian game, which has risen very fast, which clearly has strong overlap with our demographic. "But you also have a game like '2048,' which is another great success which we haven't seen in the top grossing, but which obviously has an impact on the time, on the minutes being played by your player base."

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