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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Stuck on GLUU, Will Longs See Gains?

With the recent drop in stock price for GLUU I've seen a lot of long traders griping in the StockTwits board as well as several Shorts sending out jabs at the longs. While its all entertaining... and I admit, a little fun to contribute in comments, it does leave me wondering where this stock is going. I'm long with an entry @ $7.45 (2nd position pre Q2 ER that I removed the stop on ~ dumb ass I know ~)

I'm still holding because I strongly feel that this ticker will climb back to the $7 and $8 range, and likely see higher near the Q3 results.

This is why:

  1. New games are ranking high and giving larger competitors major competition.
  2. Unique monitizing platforms for their products.
  3. The acquisition of Cie games is set to complete by the end of Aug, stock dilution should see a correction when that completes... unless the deal isn't finished on time.
  4. Sept. 1, insiders are allowed to buy back in to the company
  5. Oct. Q3 results are do and the profit numbers are huge this quarter!
  6. I'm betting that sometime Sept we see "smart money" placing positions. 

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