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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Trade #6: LSG

I decided to enter into trade #6 today with another momentum play. $LSG has shown a nice upward movement for several months, the above chart is the 3 month @ day chart. Yahoo shows the 3 month chart with a 32.93% gain.

The company seems to be doing well and is breaking earning records. Not much chatter on StockTwits however.

The position isn't huge, just 198 shares, but I wanted to ensure that I could have my 8% trailing stop in place from the very beginning should it collapse on me. 

From a recent article on LSG:

Second Quarter 2014 ("Q2/14")
  • Record production of 52,300 ounces, 70% increase from second quarter 2013 ("Q2/13")
  • Record gold sales of 53,500 ounces, close to double the 27,600 ounces sold in Q2/13
  • Cash operating cost(1) per ounce sold of US$556, 39% better than US$908 in Q2/13
  • All-in sustaining cost(2) per ounce sold of US$784, 38% improvementfrom Q2/13
  • Total production costs(3) of $32.5 million compared to $26.0 million in Q2/13, reflecting significantly higher volumes
  • Cash and bullion increased $14.3 million in Q2/14 to $53.4 million at June 30, 2014
Six Months 2014 ("6M/14")
  • Record production of 96,900 ounces, 79% increase from first six months of 2013 ("6M/13")
  • Record gold sales of 96,500 ounces, 80% increase from 53,700 ounces sold in 6M/13
  • Cash operating cost per ounce sold of US$585, 38% better than US$944 in 6M/13
  • All-in sustaining cost per ounce sold of US$862, 38% improvementfrom 6M/13
  • Total production costs of $62.1 million versus $52.1 million in 6M/13, reflecting higher production volumes
  • Cash and bullion increased $19.4 million in 6M/14 to $53.4 million at June 30, 2014

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