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Friday, April 29, 2016

$PRGN Scaling In: Good Idea or Bad???

The timing of $PRGN couldn't be better because I just started to take notes on video 6 of How to Make Millions, which is heavy on shorting. The supernova yesterday that saw 830% at one point yesterday made this a prime example of a penny stock that can not only make huge gains on the way up but just as big on the way down.

I started to scale shorts into this stock yesterday and took advantage of the momentum continuing to drive the stock higher today and was able to scale in a position of 500 shares at $2.38. If I were trading real money on this and not just paper trading I'm sure I'd be more scared because of the huge percentages up and down. 

But that said, I know that this will dump, most likely in a day or two providing that the stock follows the history of prior spikes and drops... and if it does, I'm betting it dips well below the $1 mark.

This will not be the perfect short trade however. Because as I've dove more into video 6 I've found that I've done a couple things wrong here. First being that I entered shorts on the 1st green day instead of waiting for the first red day. As a result, my initial positions are currently hurting. The other think that I did wrong was with today's entry and that I placed a trade too close to a new high. 

I mostly like could have waited and found a better entry point, but given the likely hood that this will dump soon I'm not worried.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

$PRGN the Supernova Pennie: Going to Short it Like a Boss

It's the talk of the town. $PRGN went supernova today after strong catalysts of contract wins and shot up from $0.28 a share to a crazy HOD of $2.66 and ended the day at a gain of 573.37%.

I didn't enter long today, mostly because I was mobile and didn't want to chase without seeing indicators to warn of the soon to come dump...

Yes, I said SOON TO COME DUMP, even if this runs for another day or two it will crash and crash hard. This ticker has a history of doing this on similar type of news and each time we see this supernova type of day there is an even larger drop in price.

Which is why I decided to try my hand at shorting this. My initial entries of $1.08 and $1.14 were not the best placed... I was a little surprised to see it climb about 400% on the day, but I scaled in and think I may have placed my last short as close to the top as possible for the day.

Time will tell if I'm right or wrong here, but my gut tells me I'll get to cash in nicely tomorrow or Monday when the panic sets in.

I also closed out $GLF for a gain of 5.63% and $LRN for a small loss of -1.15%

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

(HTMM) Video 5 Overview

I'm going to warn you now, the footnotes I took for video 5 are much less than the other prior chapters. Not because of a lack of information, but mostly because a lot of it was repeated points from the prior videos but shown during one of Tim's live trading webinars.

As for the title I'd give video 5? That would have to be "Cherish Your Losers" and I'll explain that at the end of this post.

But first, the notes:

As mentioned in prior videos Tim wants you to look for the daily percent gainers and then do you DD on them looking for earnings winners, contract winners, technical supports and resistance, etc.

Don't be afraid to dig a little deeper into the company's PR that is pushing the stock up, look at the filings, who wrote the article, wording in the article, etc.

Tim warned about shorting stocks around Thanksgiving and Christmas because more people are home around those times, mostly novice traders, and they tend to only go long. That extra flow of longs can make it difficult on shorts and you can get squeezed.

Don't be afraid of not holding overnight, its okay to have zero position. Remember, cash is safe the market is risk. It is about who wants your money the most? You or the market.

Tim said that if you are having a losing streak... which will happen from time to time, you should learn from them, don't double down and make things worse. You should trade less, go back to the fundamentals and review your trades, figure out what you are doing wrong.

The "January Effect" was briefly explained and it was mentioned that often times beaten down stocks will spike for no apparent reason in January and that it is due to company's selling shares for tax breaks.

Make sure you're not chasing a stock. I've done this because of the "FOMO" Fear of Missing Out, and there have been a few times it worked out but there have also been many that did not and I took losses because of it.

It's okay to take profits even at a lower price if you are getting uncomfortable, all profits are gifts.

Lastly, I'll explain my title for this video, "Cherish Your Losers"

It relates to the part that Tim spoke about losing streaks and going back to your fundamentals. I'm currently winning about 46% of the time while Tim and his millionaire students are winning 60% to 75% of the time. That means that as I learn and get better I will be losing less and less. That's great, but since you can sometimes learn more from a loss than a win... it dawned on me that I need to pay special attention to my losses and really dissect them.

Well that's it for now, short and sweet. On to video 6!

Happy Trading 

Nailed $ORIG for 19.25% Gains (HTMM)

Overall today was a good trading day with two losses and one nice win. The losses are never fun, but I'm happy with how I cut them down pretty fast and was able to minimize the loss. The win was a play on $ORIG which followed Tim's plan and pattern that he explains in the "How to Make Millions" dvd. 

Contract winners, big percent gainer, good technical chart, volume...

My plays for tomorrow are both earnings winners with big percent gains today, $GLF and $LRN. Both also had strong technical charts with breakouts. 

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Today's Activity & Comparing % on Money

I probably traded way too much today because there is no way that I will be trading as much in a single day with my money account... but with trading paper I tend to look at it as trying to cram as much information in my head as possible each trading day. I learn by doing, so why not do more than normal? rinse and repeat, etc.

I had two completed trades today that didn't work out the way I had planned and I exited quickly to cut losses... $EXEL with a loss of only -1.21% and $SQNS with a small gain of 0.20%

I then entered five swing trades with two I plan on exiting tomorrow into the morning spike/panic ($CDRB Earnings Winner, $ORIG Contract/purchased $65mil ship w/o loan) and three that are multi-day swings with the MAC-D crossover pattern that has worked for me recently ($AEO, $MBI, $XRX).

$CDRB was a notable trade for a few reasons. First I had bought into the ticker as the price broke a triple topper around the $2.65 range with plans to hold over night and sell into the morning... same plan that Tim has explained in HTMM. It began to fade on me and I almost exited before the close, limit order was even in at one point, but with the daily gains holding high and the MAC-D / AO both showing signs of a possible reversal in trend I decided to continue the holding plan.

I felt $AEO was a good example of the multi-day swing pattern to chart on the blog. I'm attempting to trade this pattern on the hourly chart, the last two were on the daily chart which seemed to take much longer than I like. This may result in smaller gains because the range is much tighter, but worth a testing. With regards to $AEO you can see the crossover in the MAC-D as well as the uptrend with the AO. The other long-term swings have the same pattern, although with $AEO the MAC-D appears to have weakened and I'm ready to cut losses tomorrow if the crossover to the negative takes place.

I thought I would end today's blog with a little inspiration and something to consider. I know the basics to trading and I still have a LOT to learn about trading pennies. This is a journey, no question about that, and it is not a get rich quick type of thing.

So that said, I'm taking a look at my paper trading profile on Profit.ly (trades are posted to right of this post) and I'm currently winning 46.88% of the time. That is far below the percentages of Tim and some of his millionaire students which are in the 60% to 75% ranges. But even with my lower winning percentages, beginning stages of my education, only being on video 5 of the "How to Make Millions" dvd, etc. My average percent gain is 8.09% and I'm currently in the green.

Random picks get random results, look at that trend line yikes! lol

When you consider that the APY % at most banks, I'll pick on Wells Fargo since I bank with them, are 0.01% to 0.06% for savings and 0.15% to 0.55% for CDs you can clearly see the potential here.

So feel free to give your hard earned money to WF and get your APY of 0.55% over a couple years, maybe you can buy a coffee at Starbucks with your gains, I'm going to continue to learn and earn.

Monday, April 25, 2016

HTMM Video 4 Overview

Just finished up the footnotes on video 4 of "How to Make Millions" and decided I'd title this chapter "Discipline = Quality Control"

Video four starts off with Tim explaining that it's an important lesson to learn that you need to figure out your own comfort level with trading. Makes sense to me since someone may be fine giving a trade room to breath while others may not be. 

It was mentioned several times that the quality of the trade is more important than the profit or loss. Because even though your poorly planned and executed trade may win you a nice gain, eventually you are going to loose and without the discipline to make good solid trades, your taking on way too much risk and you're going to get burned.

Tim defined discipline as formulating a plan, having an educated guess vs random, knowing your risk/reward ratio, following through with your plans and having the discipline to exit a trade when your trading plan tells you. YOU MUST HAVE DISCIPLINE and YOU MUST CUT LOSSES QUICKLY.

Tim's states that the best traders trade with plans, their almost like robots when it comes to their plans and emotions while trading.

The use of stops was also talked about and Tim explains why he's not a fan of using them. I've often used the trailing stop because I've like the idea of a safety net to protect your trade in the even of some unforeseen issue... like a computer crash, kid brakes an arm, or zombies attack... but Tim mentions that market makers can see your stops and often will manipulate the stock prices to fake you out of a position and drive the ticker up or down. He also explains that if a stock is moving too fast it may blow right through your stop loss and you could find yourself in a bad spot.

Tim talks about how you should judge every investment you make not by the potential for profits, but by the risk you take and how you can handle it.

You should never believe in the hype of the news / pr a company puts out and think of the CEO as cheerleaders... there's an image for you lol.

Contract winners and Earnings winners were then talked about and that you should be looking to piggyback on the momentum. Though Tim warned against going long mid-day because your putting yourself at risk since the stock could go either way. You need to be conscious of the daily volume and ensure that your position sizing is such that you can get out as soon as possible. 

Tim prefers a solid earnings winner over a contract winner because they can run for multiple days, even months while a contract winner will usually spike up but can fade back down. He may even add to a position near the EOD if the trade is strong and continues to solid momentum, with the plan of taking profits the following day. 


Don't hold a position ahead of earnings or the conference call because you cannot predict what they will say and you can get burned. 

Tim explains that trading isn't just about trading good picks, its about mental and fighting your emotions, keeping a level head, sticking to your plan.

One of the benefits to trading earnings winners and contract winners is that pennies tend to get news and upgrades by analysts a day or more after the large companies, meaning that if you are looking for the biggest percent gainers of the day and getting in at the EOD, you have the potential of beating the crowd the following day if news breaks over the night or pre-market. 

A few examples of contract winners that Tim mentioned are:
  • Deals and contracts with third parties (prefer big companies, big gov)
  • Winning court cases
  • Winning patents
I think FDA approval would count, though Tim rarely trades bio and pharma. I'd also think that billionaire investments would count too such as $WTW and Oprah though Tim doesn't mention it in video 4.

That's it for now. Stay tuned for footnotes from video 5 soon, I've already listened to it and now I plan on going back to listen again and take notes.  

Taking Profits $TRIL, $RPRX, $SDRL

I closed out four trades today with three being gains (two decent and one small), the fourth closed trade was a small loss on $ARTX which was a contract winner from Friday.

I'm kind of surprised that $ARTX didn't do better since it appeared to have several positive things lined up to run another day. I still could have exited for a profit into the morning spike which is exactly how Tim's pattern/plan is supposed to work... but I wasn't able to be at the ready in the opening and let the trade play out until I returned home from dropping my son off at school.

I can tell already that when I begin to trade real money again that I'll likely need to stay awake until the market open to ensure I can catch the spikes and panics. I'm not a morning person and the West coast's market open of 06:30AM truly sucks ass.

The trades that I closed for a profit today were overall great trades.

That leaves me with two swings that are still in play, $AVP that is currently in the red and I probably should exit with the loss but I honestly think the overall downward trended monthly chart will win and this will sink again.

$RJET is the other, but it is in bankruptcy and trades under $RJETQ and I'm not sure how to trade the shares on ThinkorSwim that are sitting under the $RJET ticker. It would be a loss but I'd like to clear the board so to speak.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

$AREX Loss, Entered a Short $RPRX

I attempted to play a mid-day gainer with $AREX and placed a buy at $2.24, unfortunately the ticker faded and I exited a little bit later with a small loss at $2.15. I had traded this on my mobile which doesn't have the MAC-D or AO option for indicators that I like to use. When I looked back at the trade on my ThinkorSwim platform it was blatantly obvious that I should not have made the trade. 

 I also entered a short trade with $RPRX that I plan on holding overnight with the goal of covering tomorrow in the AM. The chart and indicators suggest that the pump is starting to fail and that a collapse of the recent gains is coming.

And last but not least I closed out my swing with $TWTR for a small gain. I just wasn't feeling the trade anymore since it seemed to be mostly going sideways. Also, the price per share is above what I'm looking for in a trade so I really should not have been trading it anyways.

Update on swing trades:

$TRIL +13.07%, Long
$AVP -27.59%, Short 
$RJET -9.02%, Long
$SDRL -2.33%, Short 
$RPRX -4.40%, Short

Overall total on investment: -5.98% 

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

(HTMM) Vid 3 Overview

Chapter 3 is now under my belt with four legal size pages of notes to prove it. As with videos 1 and 2 I'm going to give this one a title... in fact, I'm going to do this for every video/chapter. So here it is, "Freaky Fridays and a Little R&R"

Tim picked up with chart types and explained that he uses the candle stick chart, which makes total sense to me, they are very easy to follow and see patterns with.

I like to include a couple of indicators such as the MAC-D and Awesome Oscillator but Tim mentions that he doesn't tend to use indicators and likes to go off of price action and a volume.

He looks to buy breakouts after previous highs and I'm assuming that the reverse would be true with breakdowns after previous lows if he's planning a short trade.

Chasing a stock is never a good idea (guilty on more than one occasion) and Tim explains that he'll look to buy on day one or two of the news that is pushing the stock, but warned against buying on rumors. You should be looking for legitimate catalysts like news articles, press releases, and FCC filings.

Tim then went into sharing a couple of major trades and explained that buying on a Friday near the EOD and selling on the following Monday can be very lucrative... so long as you take into account a few things

  1. Up trending into the EOD with new highs
  2. New news or possible news that will be published over the weekend.
This is the "Freaky Friday" part of the title. He explained that Fridays are special because of the possible gains the following Monday due to less experienced traders that bite at the hype over the weekend and the short sellers who missed out of Friday and look to exit on Monday.

There were several tips sprinkled throughout the video with CUT LOSSES QUICKLY as the #1. Others included locking in profits, price action is always paramount, learn from your mistakes and being grateful for being on the right track, selling into big run ups to avoid getting caught holding the bag, hope is not a strategy, you don't have to be 1st to win, and more.

Towards the end of the video Tim talked about how to set you position size, and explained how to ensure that you have a least a 3:1 risk to reward ratio and mentioned that 5:1 and 6:1 are ideal. He never suggests going "all in" no matter what size of an account your trading with but did acknowledge that smaller accounts do need to be more aggressive and suggested position sizes that are roughly 20% to 40% of the account size, but never more.

It will take longer than if you were going all in or higher than 40% per trade, but Tim is right, the risk of blowing up isn't worth it. Not to mention that even though your gains will seem small at first, you will be taking advantage of "Compounding" and as you trade and win, that 20% or 40% you're trading with is going to increase in size and so is your gains.

I think one of the most important parts to video 3 that really hit me was when Tim said this, "You can't always judge the value of a trade by the outcome, sometimes you get lucky." meaning that if you are breaking your rules, eventually like a casino the house always wins and you're going to blow up.

Hope these footnotes are helpful for those who are reading them. There is always more I could add but you really need to do the work yourself to learn :)

$SUNE & Pelosi: An Example of Our Corrupt Gov

This article was brought to my attention by Michael Savage during his 4/19 airing. The fact that this type of inside trading is constantly taking place without repercussions is a horrible joke and it gives trading pennies a bad name.


$GRNH Loser $BCEI Winner

Well I'm kicking myself in the ars today because looking back at my trade with $GRNH I can easily say that I should not have made that play. It was too risky, too late, and no real catalyst other than the fact that it is 4/20 today. By the time I was able to trade today and exit, my shares were sitting at $0.0882 giving me a loss greater than 20%

So not only did I know stick to Tim's rules on what to buy, I failed to cut losses quickly. Stupid tax paid in full.

I did however manage to get a decent momentum play today that netted a small gain of $150. 

I'm still managing to not go in the red too much with my paper account, but like my cash account on Profit.ly I still have a very random profit/loss graph which I think is largely because I'm still picking random stocks and haven't applied myself as I should... that and I'm still being an idiot and holding losses way longer than I should be.

I'm almost finished with video 3 of the "How to Make Millions" set and will post my footnotes shortly on it.

Update on swing trades:

$AVP -32.36%, short with a target of $3 to $3.50. 
$RJET -9.02%, long, looking to exit as soon as ticker is traded again.
$SDRL -9.04%, short goal of 10-20%.
$TRIL +16.53%, Long goal of 10-20%
$TWTR -0.29%, Long goal of 10-20% 

Overall total on investment: -6.18% 

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Will the 420 Play Work? $GRNH

$GRNH had some decent gains yesterday and was mentioned as a one to watch for today. It looked like it was going to gain towards a HOD in the afternoon and I decided to enter to catch the momentum. Unfortunately shortly after it started to fade on me so I placed a sell order... which was then not executed and the trade is now a swing for tomorrow. But who knows, with tomorrow being 420 maybe this little weed stock with see some green... but I suspect the only green seen tomorrow are by those who are smoking it and too stoned to buy this enough to push it higher to give me a profit lol.

Monday, April 18, 2016

(HTMM) Vid 2 Overview

My title for video 2 in Tim Sykes' "How To Make Millions" DVD would have to be "Learning to Taste the Ingredients" because it was chalk full of information that ranged from the basics of stock trading to how Tim finds his plays.

Tim's pretty good at giving analogies to explain penny stocks and trading so I thought of one too. Trading penny stocks can be a lot like eating at a restaurant, your dish may be a winner and taste great, or a loser and it will leave a bad taste in your mouth. So if you can learn how to taste the ingredients of each type of trade you'll be better prepared to only eat fine dining.

As with video 1 I'd like to share some of my footnotes but you are going to get more than a tasty sample... You need to feed yourself and order a plate to eat the full meal.

Right off the bat Tim explains that he's looking for volatility because you're looking to take advantage of the movement. Tim's sweet spot in volume is between 200k and 2m traded per-day. He explained that anything lower could cause issues with the movement of the stock as well as complications with getting out of a position when needed. Also, having too much volume could mean too much competition.

An explanation of the basic terms and types of trades was given as well as a nice explanation to level one and level two, as well as how they can be useful. 

Again, CUTTING LOSES QUICKLY was expressed during the video. 

Tim is a firm believer in using the charts when planning a trade and looking for breakouts and breakdowns, and several examples of chart patterns were shown.

One of the helpful tips he shared was looking for breakouts that take place after a stock has had an uptrend.

Some of the vehicles that Tim does NOT like to trade are:
  • OJ, Wheat, Soy
  • Minerals (Gold, Silver, etc)
  • Oil
  • Forex
  • Options
  • Foreign Markets
  • REITS, Warrants
  • IPO's
  • Rarely trades Biotech or Financial stocks
Tim has a very focused (sniper-like) approach to trading...
  1. Looks for Daily Top Gainers
  2. Checks for a Catalyst (Earnings, Contacts, Big News)
  3. Focuses on $5 to $10 per share
  4. 20% to 100% gainers
  5. Volume of 200k to 2mil
  6. Looks for a history of being a runner
  7. Looks at the charts and technical, breakouts/breakdowns
But as Tim quotes, "It's more of a guideline really" (said in a horrible pirate accent) He does go for targets of opportunity when the odds are right, such as a trade on $CUBA is shares.

In conclusion video 2 was a lot to digest, I actually listened to it and took notes multiple times over a few days... but the info is worth the work.

Update on swing trades:

$AVP -32.36%, short with a target of $3 to $3.50. 
$RJET -9.02%, long, looking to exit as soon as ticker is traded again.
$SDRL +3.88%, short goal of 10-20%.
$TRIL +11.58%, Long goal of 10-20%
$TWTR -0.80%, Long goal of 10-20% 

Overall total on investment: -4.70% 


Saturday, April 16, 2016

Footnotes From Today's FREE Education Webinar

Tim Sykes set up a free webinar today and gave a long list of tips for being successful as a trader. Unfortunately I missed the first few tips that he gave because I was listening to the webinar while working, but I took footnotes on 28 through 1.

A couple of the things I did catch before, though I'm not sure of the numbering, is that becoming financially free via trading pennies is a journey, takes education, you should be thankful for what you get, and of course to always cut losses quickly.

Tips for being successful and making $$$:

28. Never be certain about a trade because the market is unpredictable.
27. Look to get the "meat of the move", profiting on 1/3 of the move is good.
26. Be open to trade both long and short.
25. CUT LOSES QUICKLY (I'm surprised Tim didn't make this the #1 top tip)
24. Look for the "gimme setup" there is nothing wrong with trading the easy.
23. Buy breakouts.
22. Short breakdowns.
21.Buying the dips.
20. Using the daily highs for finding potential plays for the following day.
19. KISS keep it simple stupid.
18. Have a plan for every trade incase it doesn't go like you planned.
17. Sometimes no trade is the best trade. Stay in cash when not trading. Being in the market = risk.
16. Don't trade uncomfortably, if the trade isn't doing what you want get out.
15. Live to trade another day
14. Goal of 20-50% in 1 to 2 days. But take your profits when possible.
13. It's a journey, it'll take time.
12. Journal your trade, all of them, especially the bad ones. Use Profit.ly, be transparent.
11. Set goals and make them count.
10. Sit in cash, trade like you're retired, be a sniper.
09. Never follow alerts, even Tim's, you need to be self sufficient.9
08. It's good to know the markets since tickers tend to follow market trends.
07. 99% of pennies are going to go to 0, short selling is key because it is the most predictable method.
06. Education and knowledge is a must.
05. Trade the ticker not the hype, never believe in the company.
04. Avoid FOMO fear of missing out. Don't force trades.
03. Take advantage of software and technology to trade.
02. Never scalp. Be the sniper and focus on the best trades.
01.25. You success is dictated by how you approach the market.
01.50. No one trade will make you a millionaire but one bad trade can destroy your account.
01. Look for a mentor...like Tim.

Hope this helps you as much as it helped me.

Update on swing trades:

$AVP -32.89%, short with a target of $3 to $3.50. 
$RJET -9.02%, long, looking to exit as soon as ticker is traded again.
$SDRL +1.55%, short goal of 10-20%.
$TRIL +11.39%, Long goal of 10-20%
$TWTR +0.74%, Long goal of 10-20% 

Overall total on investment: -4.91%

Friday, April 15, 2016

Thursday, April 14, 2016

(HTMM) Video 1 Overview

I just finished up watching video one in the "How To Make Millions" dvd and if I were going to write a title for it I'd have to make it,"You're Going to Lose, So Lose Smart." I say that because my main takeaway from this chapter was Tim's #1 rule of CUTTING LOSSES QUICKLY.

I've known that this is Tim's most important rule since he frequently says this in his free Youtube videos but he explained the reasoning behind it very clearly.

A few other key points that I took notes on was that you should have a goal in mind and that this is a journey and that it will take time. Tim's process isn't a get rich quick scheme, it's more of a rinse and repeat type of deal (basically a $1k profit 1k times).

He pointed out that he and his top students win an average 60% to 75% of the time and that you will lose some trades, it's part of the business. Hence cutting losses quickly. Risk management is key.

You should never use a market order and should always use a limit order to ensure that you are getting a good entry/exit point vs paying what ever the feel like giving you (basically).

There is more that I took notes on but I'd hate to say too much. I will share what Tim said were a couple of his sweet spots for trades... NASDAQ / NASDAQ Small Caps, and tickers that are between $2 a share to $10 a share.

Update on swing trades:

Had 3 of my swings go green today with $TRIL hitting my 10% goal. The indicators are still showing a hold so I'm going to hold into tomorrow and see what they do.

$AVP -32.36%, short with a target of $3 to $3.50. 
$RJET -9.02%, long, looking to exit as soon as ticker is traded again.
$SDRL +5.94%, short goal of 10-20%.
$TRIL +10.30%, Long goal of 10-20%
$TWTR +0.46%, Long goal of 10-20% 

Overall total on investment: -4.18%

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

It's Time to Invest in MYSELF! "How to Make Millions"

I've been saving a little here and there to buy my first educational video from Tim Sykes and today is the day! Not only was it 70% off for his b-day sale but this particular education pack in 35 hours worth of education and 100% of the proceeds are going towards charity... which is one of the main reasons that I'm pushing to become financially free.

I'll share little tidbits of the learning as I go and I promise to be brutally honest with my review as I learn from the material. Though don't go thinking that you will see everything on the dvd, it is copy righted and as a writer I have too much respect for the creator of any intellectual property to take potential sales away from them.

If you are interested in learning more about Tim Sykes' educational video "How to Make Millions" please visit his site and take advantage of the sale price.

http://howtomakemillions.com/ or www.timsykessale.com

Updates: Took Some Losses

Not a ton has happened in the last week. I've been busy with a bit of spring cleaning and not focusing on trades as much. I did close out some of the swings with minimal losses, one of which I decided to reverse and I'm now swinging a short.

Update on swing trades:

$AVP -32.89%, short with a target of $3 to $3.50. (Waiting on the indicators to dip. long term chart is down trended)
$RJET -9.02%, long, looking to exit as soon as ticker is traded again.
$SDRL -0.78%, short goal of 10-20%.
$TRIL -2.87%, Long goal of 10-20%
$TWTR -0.77% Long goal of 10-20% 

Overall total on investment: -9.17%