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Thursday, April 28, 2016

$PRGN the Supernova Pennie: Going to Short it Like a Boss

It's the talk of the town. $PRGN went supernova today after strong catalysts of contract wins and shot up from $0.28 a share to a crazy HOD of $2.66 and ended the day at a gain of 573.37%.

I didn't enter long today, mostly because I was mobile and didn't want to chase without seeing indicators to warn of the soon to come dump...

Yes, I said SOON TO COME DUMP, even if this runs for another day or two it will crash and crash hard. This ticker has a history of doing this on similar type of news and each time we see this supernova type of day there is an even larger drop in price.

Which is why I decided to try my hand at shorting this. My initial entries of $1.08 and $1.14 were not the best placed... I was a little surprised to see it climb about 400% on the day, but I scaled in and think I may have placed my last short as close to the top as possible for the day.

Time will tell if I'm right or wrong here, but my gut tells me I'll get to cash in nicely tomorrow or Monday when the panic sets in.

I also closed out $GLF for a gain of 5.63% and $LRN for a small loss of -1.15%

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