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Monday, April 25, 2016

Taking Profits $TRIL, $RPRX, $SDRL

I closed out four trades today with three being gains (two decent and one small), the fourth closed trade was a small loss on $ARTX which was a contract winner from Friday.

I'm kind of surprised that $ARTX didn't do better since it appeared to have several positive things lined up to run another day. I still could have exited for a profit into the morning spike which is exactly how Tim's pattern/plan is supposed to work... but I wasn't able to be at the ready in the opening and let the trade play out until I returned home from dropping my son off at school.

I can tell already that when I begin to trade real money again that I'll likely need to stay awake until the market open to ensure I can catch the spikes and panics. I'm not a morning person and the West coast's market open of 06:30AM truly sucks ass.

The trades that I closed for a profit today were overall great trades.

That leaves me with two swings that are still in play, $AVP that is currently in the red and I probably should exit with the loss but I honestly think the overall downward trended monthly chart will win and this will sink again.

$RJET is the other, but it is in bankruptcy and trades under $RJETQ and I'm not sure how to trade the shares on ThinkorSwim that are sitting under the $RJET ticker. It would be a loss but I'd like to clear the board so to speak.

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