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This blog was originally started as a way for me to track my progress in trading stocks, but it's has since morphed into much more. I now use it as a window into what I'm doing to reach my goal of financial freedom. You're going to see what I'm doing to create multiple streams of income, articles and interviews that are business related or featuring other entrepreneurs, and most importantly you're going to get to know me and hopefully I can inspire you to pursue your own dreams

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Monday, June 30, 2014

Murphy's Law

Today was a good example of Murphy's Law. I did my studying and found some good picks, most were in the green today, but what I didn't expect was the Stock Wars app to have a bug. 

All of the orders I placed premarket failed to post. No matter how often I reset the app or updated it the orders remained in pending.

I emailed the company and let them know that this is the second day in a row with issues. If it doesn't fix I will have to start over with another app. 

Very frustrating.

Adding BBLU to the Mix: Pump & Dump???

Last minute play I'm adding to the mix. This was a find on MarketWired and looks to be another pump and dump in the making. $BBLU also known as Blue Earth Inc. just put out a press release regarding a development agreement with a battery company. They also issued a press release on June 16th and 25th.

The three things that made me buy on this were the stock's volume... not in the million range I like but 300,000+ in volume isn't too bad. There is a nice FOUS pattern here in the 3 month chart with the last entry over the 13ema... and lastly, when I checked the insider trading indicators I found that two insiders purchased 10,000 shares each. One on the 11th and the other on the 12th..

A little suspicious that news began to fly a few days after!

I'm LONG @ $2.40 with 2084 shares []

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Something I'll Make Someday!!!

I found some pretty cool stuff that people have made or decorated with pennies. This desk was homemade and looks really cool... Something like this would be the perfect place to run your penny trading career... all though I'd make a bigger more business styled desk.

The Wolf of Wall Street - Boiler Room (PARODY)

Tim Sykes cracks me up. The more I trade the more I see myself as a Cameron Fous trader but you can't deny how good Tim is at marketing... genius, pure genius!

Week 5 Still Alive!

So as I mentioned a few posts ago I am now going to begin posting my positions before the market opens. I think the full transparency will help me along in the learning process.

For week five I plan on entering a couple of positions with bigger plays and hold for 2 to 3 days... unless the positions hit the 10% mark and I will then take profits and scale back the positions.

I'm still going LONG on my positions and I'm looking a FOUS patterns within the 3 day charts and 1 to 3 month charts. Also looking at news and volume.

$WTSL 20,5000 shares - enter @ (20,000/$0.884) & (500/$0.853)        []
$AVNW 4,000 shares - Monday Open (last close $1.25)                         []
$KBIO 2,128 shares - Monday Open (last close $2.35)                            []

$WTSL 621 shares - enter @ $0.89                                                         []
$DRWI 180 shares - enter @ $2.05                                                         []

$WTSL 606 shares - enter @ $0.89                                                         []

The 7% to 8% Rule: CUT YOUR LOSSES

It Slices, It Dices.... It Cuts Losses!!!

Thought I'd share video 5 of Cameron Fous' free video lessons. This is one key rule in the trading game that I've heard everyone talk about. If you are in a losing trade CUT YOUR LOSSES.

I've made this mistake a few times since I began paper trading. It's the reason my PS1000 account is nearly half the amount it was in the beginning. 

So if you are following me or perhaps just stopping by because you're looking into trading, hear me out. CUT YOUR EF'N LOSSES or they will cut you.

Friday, June 27, 2014

End of Week Update 06-27-14

Today was a nice change from the last few days and even couple of weeks. I saw some gains, and big ones too! Most notably in my Stock Wars account which only had one pick stay in the red and I kicked it to the curb pretty early in the day. 

I actually ended up staying up all night to ensure that I was able to call my wife's doctor first thing in the morning. To kill some of the time I did some research and came up with a few stocks with strong FOUS patterns. I then kicked off my day with a first for me... watching the opening bell. It was a fun way to start the trading day.

My two biggest gainers of the day were $WTSL which I'm still holding on (SW), (GTL), and (PS1000)... and a stock I think is a pump & dump, $ECRY.

I made a fast 10% gain on ECRY yesterday on a small long position and added big today when I found that another press release was issued (3rd one in a row) and bought 20,000 shares with my (SW) account. The stock jumped to around 11% and I pulled 15,000 shares for a nice big profit. The I decided to bail the other 5,000 share for the profit and just get out... that's when (SW) had a bug in the game and no matter how many sell orders I sent the last 5,000 shares would not cash in. For a second I panicked when the stock dipped into the red and I was losing, but in the end the stocked closed with a 4.55% gain and it's in the green again. Hopefully I can get it to close on Monday with a gain still. GLAD THIS WAS A PAPER TRADE!!! if a real broker did this with real money I'd be pissed!!!

Biggest loser of the day for me was $NIHD which I entered around $0.68 and cut it loose at $0.60. I had a large position of 20,500 shares and just couldn't stomach the loss. I wouldn't be surprised if it turns into a gain in the $0.70 range but oh well.

Starting Monday I'm going to start posting my positions before the market opens. I don't know if anyone is reading this, but maybe if there is, it will help them. That way you can learn from my losses and gains.

End of Day Update:

Stock Wars: $100,224.75 +0.22% for a gain of  $1,981.00

Penny Stocks 1000: $545.45 -45.46% for a gain of $35.31

Growing the Lincolns the Game: $428.92 -14.22% for a loss of $37.63

End of Week 4:

Stock Wars:                          $100,224.75 @ 0.22% = $224.75 profits

Penny Stocks 1000:                   $545.45 @ -4546% = $454.55 Losses

Growing the Lincolns the Game: $428.92 @ -14.22% = $71.08 Losses

Total for Week 4:                                                           -$300.77 Losses

Cameron Fous video #3

Marketwired | Breaking news, press releases, social media news releases, business news

Marketwired | Breaking news, press releases, social media news releases, business news

Here's another example of using MarketWired to find and take advantage of Pennies. I took a 10% profit from a small buy on $ECRY on 06-26. Here is the third press release in a row now. Going to go long again. I suspect this may be a pump & dump in the beginning stages.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

End of Day Update 06-26-14

Well I didn't have the stomach to hold longer on $NIHD. Perhaps if I had a smaller position on the ticker I would still be holding it, but the 20,000 shares cause a nasty dip in my account and I lost my nerve... likely a mistake to bail now that I think back on it as the FOUS pattern is still there. But live and learn. If the stock climbs drastically I can kick my own ass for it.

My little test with $ECRY was a success as well as a couple of others I found through Market Wired. ECRY made a easy 10% gain and was a nice little profit. All of my other positions also went green and ranged from 2% gains to 12% gains today... likely the only reason that my loss in my SW account isn't more!

End of Day Update:

Stock Wars: $98,243.75 -1.16% for a loss of $1,312.50

Penny Stocks 1000: $510.14 -48.99% for a loss of $9.36

Growing the Lincolns the Game: $466.55 -6.69% for a loss of $17.10

Finding Headlines and Pumps

I came across MarketWired and thought I'd pass along the link. Their newsroom is a great place to find business press releases and market news before most people hear it. Often times you can check the companies on Yahoo Finance Stock Center and find the pennies... if you see that the press release was done by a marketing firm or that the release is a public notice that a company is paying to have promotions done you just might find a pump & dump and be able to get it at the same time the insiders are getting in. Then ride the wave for your 10% and bail.

Here's an example of a penny I found on the site. $ECRY  it's a low float stock so a bit more risky than I like but to test the theory I've made a small buy of 100 shares. The 3 month chart shows the stock recovering and becoming bullish shortly after press releases began to hit the wires. The stock now sits above the 13ema. I'm going to see if it can hit the $0.25 mark from last summer.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

End of Day Update 06-25-14

Saw some gains in the stocks I was holding. Took profits and cut some fat. Still holding a few. Added big to $NIHD on my SW account. Great dip at the end of the day for a buying op. Now holding 20,000 shares. FOUS pattern still in play and the stock will likely get back to the 13ema tomorrow.

End of Day Update:

Stock Wars: $99,556.25 -0.44% for a gain of $495.00

Penny Stocks 1000: $519.50 -48.05% for a loss of $11.44

Growing the Lincolns the Game: $483.65 -3.27% for a loss of $11.80

End of Day Update 06-24-14

Entered a few new trades and holding them for a day or two as swings. The FOUS patterns are there but on the three day charts so holding for now. It did cause a dip in the SW account though. PS1000 saw a small gain today on the short I'm holding.

But the big thing for today is that I created a new paper trading game through Market Watch 

I wanted a simulator to mimic what it will be like when I begin trading real money. SW is a great mobile app and has helped with learning, but it just isn't realistic enough for me. I've found that there is a big difference in trading with an account around $100,000 and $1,000. The averages are different, the risk/reward ratios are different, and the effects of the fees are different. With the PS1000 game you have to deal with a $20 fee off the top just in the entry and exit of the position. It may not seem like a lot, but when you consider the number of shares... or lack there of with $1,000 or less you basically have to deal with stock picks under $1.00 or hit percentages over 30% before you make decent gains.

Has the same trade fee as SureTrader ($4.95) per trade and you start with the $500 minimum to open an account with SureTrader. The only rule to the game is that you must trade stocks with a minimum price of $0.50 and a maximum price of $10.00.

Anyone trading stocks over the $10 rule will be removed (some wiggle-room as I'm not an ass) but no buy a $100 stock and thinking that you're still trading pennies!!!

Good luck and have fun.

End of Day Update:

Stock Wars: $99,071.25 -0.93% for a loss of $1,265.00

Penny Stocks 1000: $530.94 -46.91% for a gain of $14.56

Growing the Lincolns the Game: $495.45 -0.91% for a loss of $4.55

Monday, June 23, 2014

End of Day Update 06-23-14

Finally had a day with some gains. SW stayed green for almost the entire trading day, I did have a couple of picks that I cut loose and one that I really missed on. $FRO shot up early on before I was at the computer and I missed the opportunity. 

I traded only FOUS patterns today and all were in the green at some point. The two I cut loose were ones that went to green then pulled back. Still holding short in the PS1000 account so it saw some losses today. 

End of Day Update:

Stock Wars: $100,336.25 +0.34% for a gain of $92.00

Penny Stocks 1000: $516.38 -48.36% for a loss of $27.56

Going to trade the FOUS pattern again tomorrow.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

End of Week 3 Report

The last couple of days have been hectic with taking my wife to the doctors for more ish, kids that need attention, and the never ending list of things that need to be done. The one major upset I had this week was my paper trading account with SureTrader. I had some gains and some pretty bad losses, but then the account expired and is no more. I didn't realize that their demo account had a short time limit on it. Bummer too because it was nice trading with the platform Ill likely be using when I make the move to real money.

For week four I will be focusing on the FOUS 4 pattern and really try to limit my trades with good research. I'm still finding my self trying to make last minute momentum trades during the trading day... especially after a loss. I need to put that emotional knee jerking reaction in check.

One of the main reasons for looking towards the FOUS pattern is that I"m limited on short trades. Currently PS1000 is the only account I paper trade with that can short. SW doesn't allow them.

But enough of the typing and let me get to the numbers.

End of Day Update: 

SureTrader: N/A

Stock Wars: $100,244.25 +0.24% for a loss of $380.00

Penny Stocks 1000: $543.94 -45.61% for a loss of $27.89 

Friday, June 20, 2014

End of Day Update 06/19/14

Had a bit of a mess up with my paper trading account @ SureTrader. For some reason it reset it's self and I lost what I've done the last couple of days. I don't have the exact numbers but lets just say it was a major fail! I think it was somewhere near a $9,000.00 loss today because several long positions flipped and headed in the other direction. I got to the computer later in the trading day and the damage was done. Oh well... guess the reset was a sign haha.

End of Day Update:

SureTrader: ***Reset***

Stock Wars: $100,624.25 +0.62% for a loss of $283.50

Penny Stocks 1000: $571.83 -42.82% for a loss of $3.61

Thursday, June 19, 2014

End of Day Update 06/18/14

$ASTI didn't perform like I had wanted but it to but it didn't do anything overly bad either. Guess that's what can happen when you buy into a hold pattern. I still think there is potential for this stock to rise since it is closer to the 52 week low and there seems to be a good amount of volume still. Unfortunately the hold on the positions caused a dip in two of my accounts, SureTrader and Stock Wars. I took large positions with both accounts. Time will tell if the move pays off.

End of Day Update:

SureTrader: $95,843.61 -4.16% for a loss of $5,970.00

Stock Wars: $100,907.75 +0.91% for a loss of $360.00

Penny Stocks 1000: $575.44 -42.46% for a gain of $7.22

Still holding LONG $ASTI in (ST) and (SW)
Still holding LONG $AVEO in (PS1000)

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Longing For a Sunny Wednesday in the Market

I wanted to do something a little different and post what I am placing a position on before the market opens. If you like my pick please ensure that you do your own research before investing... I am NOT an expert and this may very well be a wrong move.

That said, I decided to go long on a solar company $ASTI. Solar seems to see a lot of movement these days and Monday saw some positive news for the solar industry. I found this article yesterday about ASTI:

Here are a few other resource I used to base my decision:

Also with looking at the chart and seeing the small increase yesterday plus the article we have the double catalyst rule in play. I wouldn't be surprised if there is a pull back in the morning and then a climb again until the end of the day. Especially if any other positive solar news hits the market.


Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Fun with Tickers!!!

Can you read them?


$PROF $IT $FRO $M $PENN $IEZ!!!     


End of Day Update 06/17/14

$AVEO was a great move today for me. It climbed 11.43% and I was in that from start to finish. I owe finding this pick to StockTwits and to Tim Sykes style of researching a stock. Those two things combined seemed to be a good tool for choosing a stock. I'm going to try and replicate the same method for tomorrow's pick.

The only account that went red today was the PS1000, but again it was due to the $10 commission fee eating up any chance for a profit. I'm still holding AVEO with this account and will see if the stock climbs more this week.

End of Day Update:

Stock Wars: $101,267.75 +1.27% for a gain of $1,280.00

Penny Stocks 1000: $568.22 -43.78% for a loss of $30.34

SureTrader: $101,813.61 +18.14% for a gain of $1,182.11

Monday, June 16, 2014

End of Day Update 06/16/14

Overall today went very well. I had one pick that made a killing as a buy position. $RALY saw a 13% gain today and I managed to get in to the day at opening with 1,000 shares. Took profits with 500 shares at 10% and the other 500 in profit around the 12% mark.

I'm still holding buy positions with $PLUG and $CLF with entries at $4.19(PLUG) and $14.38(CLF). Hoping that today was the bottom and we'll see a bounce tomorrow. If not, I dump them and move on.

Still holding a short position with $XNCR and found it in the green most of the day. Still trying to make up distance from last week.

End of Day Updates:

Stock Wars: $99,987.75 -0.01% for a gain of $285.00

Penny Stocks 1000: $598.56 -40.14% for a loss of $25.40

SureTrader: $100,631.50 +6.32% for a gain of $631.50

Arrrrrr Me Pennies!!!!

Finding treasure in the market today... Rarr!!!

Week 3 Here I Come!!!

I am pumped for this week! One, school is out today which means nearly 3 months off with my family. I love spending time with my wife and the boys... it will especially nice to be close to my wife since she's been having a hell of a time with her health.

And second... another round of hitting the market and learning everything I can. I'm a very hands-on learner so actually playing the trades is were I learn the most. I'm also starting to paper trade with SureTrader this week and getting familiar with their platform since I'll be going through them first when I begin to trade real money.

Starting off Monday with 5 buy positions:

Also 2 Short positions left over from Friday:

Follow along as I try to grow some Lincolns this week!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

SureTrader & Paper Trading

Once I get comfortable with the ins and outs of trading and reading charts I'll be opening an account with SureTrader for my trading. To get familiar with their platforms I will likely start a paper trading account with them as well.

So don't be surprised if you see a SureTrader statistic added (and or) Stock Wars or Penny Stocks 1000 being removed. I may even remove both SW and PS1000 to just focus on SureTrader.

Nothing like a funny vid

Friday, June 13, 2014

Going to spend this weekend reflecting on what I learned the last two weeks. I made several mistakes, but I also found some things that worked. I've been leaning more towards the Short in preference of trading style. 

Going to focus my studies on finding stocks that have earned contracts, earnings, as well as the double catalyst rule. I'm also reaching out to several traders on Profit.ly and will ask them about their experiences.

I'll be ready Monday to take action!

End of Day Update / End of Week 2 (6/13/14)

Friday the 13th? Full Moon Effect? or Just Being a Dumb Ass?


So week two was a punch in the gut with my biggest loss yet. Mostly due to being stubborn and justifying why I was breaking one of the rules (cutting losses quickly and moving on) and holding on to SIRI. While "maybe" at some point the stock will climb and make a good long trade, it just isn't working for me. Tim gave some advice regarding picking random stocks and getting random results... and guess what? The guy was right. I didn't see his message until the end of day and SIRI was already down. Then today it continued down and my Stock Wars account took the hit.

I was able to make up some of the losses with long positions in a couple of mid-day gainers... I followed the up trend and netted 2% to 3% of the day's total gains. But that said, the account still missing a chunk of meat.

Penny Stocks 1000 did better. Still took a loss but not as bad. I'm holding a couple of short sells over the weekend.

End of Day Update: 

Stock Wars App:  $99,702.75 for a loss of $2,576.28

Penny Stocks 1000: $623.94 -37.61% for a loss of $18.69

Totals: $2,576.28 - $18.69 = $2,594.97

Total @ End of Week 2

SW:           $99,702.75 @ -%  = -$297.25 Loss 
PS1000: $623.94 @ -37.61% =  -$376.06 Loss 
Total for Week 2:                       -$673.25 Loss 

Thursday, June 12, 2014

A Word From the Guru

1timothysykes Jun 12, 9:59 AM
If you play random stocks like SIRI you will get random results...STOP. Focus on earnings & contract winners

End of Day Update 06/12/14

Took some losses again in (SW). I had a couple of picks early on that went red and had to be cut, but the biggest hit was from SIRI dipping near the end of the day. I did take advantage of the lowered price to add shares to my BUY position and I still feel that this will be a good long position to have.

ACHN finally sloped downward and I was able to end the day in (PS1000) in the green and recouped some of my recent losses. 

Stock Wars: $102,279.03 +2.28% for a loss of $425.00

Penny Stocks 1000: $642.63 -35.75% for a gain of $39.93 +6.63% daily gain.

Totals: $425.00 - $39.93 = $385.07

End of Day Updates 6/11/14

Another day of losses but nothing as bad as yesterday's hit. I attribute that to sticking with the rules and having a couple of better picks today. I'm still holding SIRI which spent the day consolidating again. A nice BUY article came out on Seeking Alpha and favorable news in other mainstream sites like Yahoo keep me thinking that this is worth the hold. I'm also holding a short on ACHN, it doesn't appear to have "paid for" hyping but it seems over inflated.

Stock Wars: $102,536.03 +2.54% for a loss of $168.

Penny Stocks 1000: $602.70 -39.73% for a lost of $32.18

Totals: $168 + $32.18 = $200.18

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

End of Day Updates 06/10/14

A terrible Tuesday. The odd thing was that I was actually in the green for most of the day but I broke some rules and made some mistakes... and it costed me! I'll break down the mistakes by platform that they occurred on.

I think I'm jumping in too early. Mornings appear to be very volatile and I saw several stocks on my watch list go green within the first hour of the market. I'm sure if I was trading level two and able to sit at the computer during this period of time I could make some quick profits, but I'm busy getting my kids ready and heading out the door for work. By the time I was able to manage the positions several had fallen into red and I quickly closed to minimize losses. I also broke a rule that I had set the night prior. I had written down set entry prices for each BUY that I figured would indicate a breakout up, but seeing them go green early I jumped in before those entry prices... and several failed to hit those and they crashed. Three of my pics did stay in the green all day and helped with minimizing the losses. 

I've decided to continue my hold on the BUY position with SIRI. It spent the day consolidating again and at one point hit the high of $3.37 a share but fell again and closed with a low of $3.35 and some after hours sell positions. I still feel this one is worth the wait. All of the charts from day to 3 month show growth, it tested a high of $3.37 like 5 times today, and favorable news.

So that said, what did I learn?

1) Wait out the morning volatility.
2) Stick with the plan. No rule breaking!!!

This one really puzzled me since I was always in the green with all three trades today but found myself still finishing with less than I started the day with. I followed some really clear shorting charts, I mean Tim Sykes text book clear! ICLD in particular that I had held over night on. Considering the plays on my shorts I should have made money.

Then it hit me. I forgot to take into account the commission prices set into the game! Further more I didn't take into account that I'm going to see less profits because I'm trading less volume. You combine the two factors and my commissions wiped out my profits! With 3 trades @ $10 buy ins and $10 shorts... I had $60 in losses from the get go.

So what did I learn?

1) Always look at the fees of the broker! and take that into account.
2) Focus on one good short, "sniper it."
3) Don't forget what you're trading with.

Now for the ugly facts.

Stock Wars: $102,704.03 +2.70% for a loss of (drum roll please) $1,109.00

Penny Stocks 1000: $634.88  -36.51% for a loss of $28.99

Totals:  $1,109.00 + $28.99 = $1,137.99

Without the $10 commissions in play PS1000 would have seen a profit of $31.61... A lesson learned.

Don't Pick up Fake Pennies!

As I walk the halls of the high school one of the things I tend to do is pick up change that the students ignore... don't laugh! It's free money and I'm up nearly $30 in change this school year :)

Anyways, today I picked up what looked like a penny only to find that it was a fake penny made of plastic.

The timing and humor of it was perfect! How many people out there get into penny stocks for the wrong reasons? Picking up a penny stock because they think its a real company with potential or chasing the hype of a promoter, only to be left holding a fake plastic coin with the word "copy" plastered over it.

I guess the point here is don't hang on to fake pennies... they are not investments only tools to trade.

Monday, June 9, 2014

End of Day Updates 06/09/14

I survived Monday and actually came out ahead a little bit. 

Stock Wars: $103.813.03 +3.81% for a gain of $456.51 

Penny Stocks 1000: $663.27 -33.67% for a loss of $23.00

Totals: $456.51 - $23.00 = 433.51 Profits

Currently holding 3 positions... Yes, I know not the best thing to do. But one is SIRI (SW) and looking at the charts and news it appears that it will continue to climb. I bought 2,000 shares at $3.36 and then 10,000 shares at $3.37. If the stock begins to fall I'll pull out. The other two are both shorts (PS1000) and one is in the green RMGN and looks like it was fall further, ICLD spent the day consolidating and not doing much. I chose to hold onto the stock because looking at the 5 day chart it has the same chart pattern that I've seen multiple times on Tim Syke's videos. If it slips past the resistance point I'm willing to bet that it collapses. 

I'll be looking into stocks to place buy positions on for tomorrow.

More to come!


Sykes Trading a Pump & Dump

Thought I'd start the week off with a video from Timothy Sykes on trading pump & dumps. 

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Plan for week 2

A little old school but writing things down makes the game plan easy to see.


So I wrapped up the week with some good trades and some bad trades... bit of a learning curve here. That said, here are my total for this week's virtual trading.

Stock Wars App: $103,356.52 @ 3.36% gain.
Penny Stocks 1000: $686.27 @ -31.17% loss.

Total Account Gain/Loss: $3,042.80

In three days of virtual trading I made roughly $800 more than I make for the school district for an entire month!... granted that's trading with an account with $100,000 in it, which I don't have at this point. But the eye opening thing is that I was able to make more than my monthly pay in just three days with only the tips I've found online/youtube/pod casts from Timothy Sykes

This is fun. I'm pumped!