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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

End of Day Updates 06/10/14

A terrible Tuesday. The odd thing was that I was actually in the green for most of the day but I broke some rules and made some mistakes... and it costed me! I'll break down the mistakes by platform that they occurred on.

I think I'm jumping in too early. Mornings appear to be very volatile and I saw several stocks on my watch list go green within the first hour of the market. I'm sure if I was trading level two and able to sit at the computer during this period of time I could make some quick profits, but I'm busy getting my kids ready and heading out the door for work. By the time I was able to manage the positions several had fallen into red and I quickly closed to minimize losses. I also broke a rule that I had set the night prior. I had written down set entry prices for each BUY that I figured would indicate a breakout up, but seeing them go green early I jumped in before those entry prices... and several failed to hit those and they crashed. Three of my pics did stay in the green all day and helped with minimizing the losses. 

I've decided to continue my hold on the BUY position with SIRI. It spent the day consolidating again and at one point hit the high of $3.37 a share but fell again and closed with a low of $3.35 and some after hours sell positions. I still feel this one is worth the wait. All of the charts from day to 3 month show growth, it tested a high of $3.37 like 5 times today, and favorable news.

So that said, what did I learn?

1) Wait out the morning volatility.
2) Stick with the plan. No rule breaking!!!

This one really puzzled me since I was always in the green with all three trades today but found myself still finishing with less than I started the day with. I followed some really clear shorting charts, I mean Tim Sykes text book clear! ICLD in particular that I had held over night on. Considering the plays on my shorts I should have made money.

Then it hit me. I forgot to take into account the commission prices set into the game! Further more I didn't take into account that I'm going to see less profits because I'm trading less volume. You combine the two factors and my commissions wiped out my profits! With 3 trades @ $10 buy ins and $10 shorts... I had $60 in losses from the get go.

So what did I learn?

1) Always look at the fees of the broker! and take that into account.
2) Focus on one good short, "sniper it."
3) Don't forget what you're trading with.

Now for the ugly facts.

Stock Wars: $102,704.03 +2.70% for a loss of (drum roll please) $1,109.00

Penny Stocks 1000: $634.88  -36.51% for a loss of $28.99

Totals:  $1,109.00 + $28.99 = $1,137.99

Without the $10 commissions in play PS1000 would have seen a profit of $31.61... A lesson learned.

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