Welcome to my blog. A lot has changed since I started this thing. I'm now trading live after about a year of paper trading and studying. Originally I had planned on starting part time and slowly growing my account but life has a funny way of changing your plans. I found myself at a crossroads of sorts and quickly realized that I was being given a once in a lifetime opportunity to pursue my goals. I took the leap and I'm not looking back. Follow me here and see the triumphs and the losses.

Updated (08-10-16)

I tend to look for momentum trades that I can hold for anywhere from a few hours to a few days. I usually take positions of $5k to $10k in size to allow larger gains on smaller percentages (it's easier to hit a 1% to 5% gain vs a 10% to 20%+ gainer) and I like to use a trailing stop.

This blog is a way for me to log my progress and to aid me in learning, I hope that you find it useful. Financial freedom isn't given, it is earned. So plant the seeds of education and grow your pennies!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

My "Pretend" Picks for this Week $NBG & $BPTH

My TD Ameritrade still has my play in $IBIO underway and is currently in the red. I plan on exiting tomorrow and cutting losses. I hate taking a loss (as we all do) but need to do it as part of my trading plan....

1) Only 1 trade a week until my account is large enough to do so.

In the past I've been starting a couple trades at a time and staggering them. Mostly because I get anxious and want to be trading as much as possible. The flaw to this that I'm trading with what I'd call a micro account and not only am I effected by the PDT rule but also have to take commission into account more so than someone trading with a larger amount of capital. Executing only one trade a week will allow me to focus all of my available funds to maximize my position size while limiting my commission slippage. (Yes, I know trading with ALL funds it super aggressive).

2) I plan on entering trades mostly on Tuesdays or Wednesday at the latest. Mondays only if there is news over the weekend that would be a "no brainer" move.

I'm sticking to "momo plays" as in momentum plays. Finding a stock that is in a strong uptrend for 2 to 3 days and then looking to ride the momentum for a day maybe two if the chart and news warrants it. I'm only looking for gains of 10% to 15%. But will let it ride if the trend is good.

3) I will be using an 8% trailing stop on every trade and leaving it alone. I WILL NOT REMOVE IT!!! I do not have to use the trailing stop and can exit at any time to either take profits or limit losses should it look really bad and I can exit with less than 8% losses.

I know many don't believe in trading with a stop loss but I look at it as insurance. Better to have one in place and not need it than need one and not have it. The only thing as unpredictable as the stock market is life... Shit happens, and I like knowing that if the power goes out, computer crashes, kid breaks an arm, or zombies attack... I'm only out 8%.

4) Transparency. All my trades will continue to be posted here as well as

Personally, if you are going to trade and not really share with the public what you're doing then go ahead and be private. But if you're going to post on a blog or YouTube or StockTwits etc... show your damn trades and prove it. 

To test my plan and picking strategy I'm looking at two stock that I'm pretending that I went long on. If I were to actually be trading I'd only pick one as I stated in rule #1 and I'd likely go with $NBG. I like the chart a little more and higher volumes.

$NBG in @ 0.90 w/ 10% target
$BPTH in @ 1.51 w/ 10% target

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