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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Brain Pennies: Scrappy

Just finished reading Scrappy by Terri L Sjodin.

The term "Scrappy" in the book refers to an attitude or mindset. An approach to business when you are small to think outside the box and to embrace the gorilla warfare styled strategy to accomplish your goals.

There are many golden nuggets in this book but the one tool I'm adding to my tool box of entrepreneurship is this... the "3x5 Rule"

Pg. 99

"...Never, ever, ever, ever meet with somebody without spending three minutes trying to find five pieces of information, or five minutes trying to find three pieces of information... The goal, he says, is to locate a piece of information that will give you permission to ask a great question."

This practice will be epic in building business relationships and finding a common ground that will lead to more networks and sales.

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