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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Brain Pennies: Make Money Not Excuses

Overall this book has some good information on saving and explains several ways that the average person can lean out their budgets and increase their amount to invest. But the area I found most useful was chapter 3 which covers a tough area for many couples... family finances and the joint account vs separate account debate.

Admittedly this is an area that I'm needing improvement on since I've been the sole money handler in our family with bills, investments, and in the last few years the sole income provider. Then there is also the deeply planted seed of what a "traditional" family should look like, which I'm not so sure works in today's culture. The situation has definitely cause some stress between my wife and I, some trust issues, and is holding us back.

Trust me... this area is being worked on for many reasons!

Key Parts of chapter 3:

"Getting Over Money Battles" pg. 73 - 76

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