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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Chat With Traders: Weekly Interviews with Profitable Traders

I recently came across Aaron Fifield's "Chat With Traders" podcast while looking for something to further my learning on all things trading. There are limited choices when it comes to podcasts on trading stocks, some are outright stock promoters talking out their asses while others lack quality.

But not Chat With Traders

Hosted by Aaron Fifield, a young and determined trader out of Brisbane city, the podcast sets out to interview a new profitable trader each week... and he hasn't failed to deliver. In fact, in the eight weeks the podcast has been up and running Aaron has already interviewed some trading legends such as Timothy Sykes, Matthew Owens aka TriForceTrader, and Anand Sanghvi of Sang Lucci to name a few.

Besides the audio quality behind the podcast and Aaron's ability to keep me (the listener) engaged, the other reason I've become a fan of his show is the reasoning behind the show. He isn't pumping stocks, pumping his ego, or push his products... he's learning and bring us along for the ride.

I did something similar years ago when I first began to take my writing seriously and wanted to educate myself on what it takes to get published. Author-2-Author (A2A) lasted for about a year and a half and I had the honor of interviewing some truly talented authors like Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. I took that experience and confidence boost and moved forward with sending manuscripts out... 6 children's books, 3 audio stories, 1 novella, and 2 short films later I still look back at those interviews.

So, if you're like me and have questions about trading and what it takes to be profitable... plug in your headphones and listen while Aaron asks the questions you want answered!

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