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Monday, February 29, 2016

Paper Trading Success: $GLUU $HPTG $SYN $ACW

Today's paper trades worked out nicely for me. I had two winners and two losers, but because I kept my risk low and cut losses quickly my gains out did my losses.

My trading schedule needs to improve and be adapted however. Because the markets open so early here on the West Coast I'm finding that I need to work on getting up earlier so that I don't miss some of the better entries and plays, like $SALT today.

The other issue I need to figure out is that I'm having to leave the house around 8:20am to drive my son to school, and often times I'm not back home until about 10-10:30am. While I can exit trades via phone, it removes the ability of using the indicators for exit triggers. I need to find a way to use the Thinkorswim platform on my mobile, the app doesn't seem to have that feature.

I placed three trades this morning, $HPTG $SYN and $ACW. I later entered an afternoon trade with $GLUU for the EOD push... which stalled.

Screenshots and Notes:

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