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Monday, March 23, 2015

Monday's Ups and Downs / $NTN and $CJTF

Monday for my position in $NTN stayed in the red for most of the day and only pulled into the green at the EOD at $0.5464 @ 3.09%. Continuing to hold this to see what it does as we get closer to the earnings report on the 26th.

I had made a pretty large watch list on Sunday night but wasn't crazy with how they were moving. Shortly after the morning push I spotted an alert on $CJTF having positive news out on the OTCmarket news area. Basically, the company won a court case and are being awarded a $12.5 million note receivable. A nice chunk of change into the company's coffers for sure.

Momentum was there at the time and it looks like I'm still in before any real push from the news, especially since it hasn't hit more mainstream outlets like Yahoo Finance or Market Watch. I went long with 200,000 shares @ $0.0020 a share. As Murphy's Law would have it, the price climbed to the HOD of $0.0024 a share then dipped to $0.0015. It stayed pretty level untill the EOD push and I saw it start to uptick for an EOD call of $0.0017 @ 30.77%. I'm still in the red on this play and will hold into the morning as a swing. Hopefully news makes the rounds tonight and I see a gap up in the AM or a nice spike that I can sell into. Otherwise I may just be taking it in the ass again and forking over my cash!

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