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Friday, March 20, 2015

$NTN Stayed Red & The Diagram Experiment

$NTN Opened red and stayed that way for the day ending with $0.555 -4.31%. On a good note, it continued to bounce around in the consolidation zone of .54 to .56, so at this time I'm not too worried about today's redness. Next week is the earnings week for $NTN with the report due on the 26th. My guess regarding any possible promotions (if one starts) will be Sunday night to early Monday and continuing till Thursday, maybe a dump on Friday or Monday the 30th.

I'm not an expert and have no knowledge of a pending promo campaign, just a gut feeling.

I've also put together a Trading Day Diagram that breaks down the key points of the trading day. I'm planning on going over my trades and marking down the entries and exits. It will I'm curious if there is a pattern regarding when I entered and exited vs wining and loosing. I'll post the results just for fun.

Here's the diagram

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