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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A New Day and What I'm Watching

Yesterday was a pretty wild ride for $GLUU with the stock mostly sticking to a sideways pattern. Most likely due to profit taking and the calm before the storm that is ER! Their games are still holding strong and funds are flowing... no, reword, gushing into their company from advertising revenue. ER is going to be huge and I'm glad I added to my position. Hopefully the gains from this trade counter act the two losses that I've taken from $WTSL and $WPCS. I've liquidated the last two stocks in the IRA and will likely add to the position more if the funds settle in time and a good pullback presents itself. I still am maintaining the 8% trailing stop on this move but depending on the reaction of the stock post ER and the social reaction on StockTwits I may pull the trigger and take profits after the dust starts to settle and well before the 8%.


While looking for pennies on Sunday/Monday I came across an article that was written by a stock promotion pr company "TomorrowsBlueChips.com" and saw that the stock in question had risen over 300%! I started to dig around on the TBC site and found a list of clients on their disclaimer page. All of the clients are sub-pennies on the OTC which I'm very leery on trading with. But that said, something on the list caught my eye. $TEMN has paid huge amounts for a promotion that doesn't seem to really have taken place yet.

Since May 22, 2014 
$13,400.00 in cash
27,000 common stock
9 million restricted shares

TBC has written a handful of articles since being paid and I've found a few tweets but nothing on a large pr push you'd expect to see with that type of compensation. So what gives? I sent an email to Timothy Sykes via Profit.ly and explained what I'd found and asked what he thought... Tim seems really good about getting back to you if you have an actual question. He's responded twice now!

From Tim: "Don't try to guess a pump's success based on paid pumping, wait for volume/% gains to show you they mean business, lots of failed pumps out there"

 I also found this on InvestorHub by Nabbbss

TEMN -- Top_Shelf_Brands is REAL and EXCITING, because... 

This information, CUMULATIVELY, cries-out for a Stock that SHOULD BE... 
..and IMO...WILL BE Priced at $0.10+ by 2014's end. 

1. Registration Update with OTC/PinkSheetsDone. 
2. Registration Update with Nevada Secretary of State. Done. 
3. Financials Filed for 2012 and 2013 with OTC/PinkSheetsDone. 
4. Attorney Letter has been Filed, to accompany and legitimize Financials. Done. 
5. Retention of top-caliber Houston Law Firm -- Sonfield & Sonfield. Done. 
6. Qualification and Securing of a $5-Million Credit Line/Line-of-Credit (LOC). Done. 
7. Authorized Shares (A/S) REDUCED from 5-Billion to just 2-Billion. Done. 
8. OTC/PinkSheets rating Upgraded all the way from "CE" to "Current" status. Done. 
9. Company Website in development and nearing (they never really reach) completion.http://www.drinktopshelf.com Done. 
10. Selection and retention of a new Transfer Agent (T/A). Done. 
11. Name change in the works, accompanied by proper documentation. Name change
Approved/Implemented June 2, 2014. Done.
12. Application for a new Ticker Symbol, accompanied by proper documentation. Done. 
13. The Company has Launched an Investor Relations (IR) Website, to maximize transparency. Done. 
14. Top Shelf Brands Holdings Corp. (formerly TEMN) has completed 
negotiations, terms, and conditions, and has Officially Acquired Dziaq Liqueur
and Besado Tequila as the first two Co. Brands -- including the Transfer
of all their Trademark Rights to the Company (Top Shelf)! Done.

And YET! ...YET the Stock-Price STILL has not hit $.01 (one Cent)! ...TO BE Done! smile 

So with all that said, I'm going to watch this one and if it seems like the pump is being turned on and volume starts to increase a great deal I'll go long on it with a small position. 

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