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Thursday, July 3, 2014

End of Day Update 07-02-14

Another day of gains and I'm working to keep the accounts green. Stock Wars did the whole pending trade thing again which is very annoying but I'll play around it now that I also have the Market Millionaire account going.

The only real big move I made today was taking profits from my positions of $WTSL. In the SW account and MM account I locked in profits of half of my large positions. I didn't take profits because I feel that the stock is about to enter a down trend... I actually think it will go higher before I step out of the position completely. I'm guessing somewhere in the $1.45 per share range. It's just that every guru I've heard have all repeated two key rules, cut losses early and don't get greedy because its smart to take profits along the way.

So I took profits :)

Also, just a fun mention, one of the few podcast shows I listen to (Mark J. Kohler Show) interviewed Timothy Sykes today. It has some of Tim's usual interview items but it also had some stuff that I had not heard yet. Mark Kohler also mentioned something about trading pennies within your ROTH 401K accounts which I'm going to look into as I get closer to trading real money. I have an active ROTH IRA with Sharebuilder with about $900 worth of stocks in it. I haven't touched it since the large BP oil spill where I bought 4 shares of BP around $20 a share. It's now trading for $53ish a share. I'm not sure if I'd trade pennies with the account but since I have a PERS3 account with the state's education department the ROTH account is just an extra.

I'll post what I find out about pennies and ROTH/401K's

End of Day Update:

Stock Wars: $102,981.21 +2.98% [] for a gain of $395.00 []

Market Millionaire: $103,950.00 +3.95% [] for a gain of $395.00 []

Penny Stocks 1000: $630.29 -36.97% [] for a gain of $12.18 []

Growing the Lincolns the Game: $544.97 +8.99% [] for a gain of $32.66 []

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