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Friday, July 4, 2014

End of Day Update and 4th of July Weekend!!!

All but one of my picks pulled back today with a loss of 0.5% to 4%, a little nerve racking but from what I've been reading stocks tend to pull back before holidays and long weekends as investors who don't have the stomach sell off shares. I took the opportunity to ramp up the positions of $WTSL in my SW and MM accounts and bought several shares at $1.02. I still suspect that this stock will climb to the $1.45 range before I pull the trigger.

I'm starting to get very frustrated with the quality of these mobile apps to paper trade with. Stock Wars has gone in to the 4th straight day of problems and the 2nd day of only showing pending orders but refusing to post new positions. Unfortunately for anyone actually following me that means my account balance for SW isn't accurate.

In addition to the ish with SW now the Market Millionaire app is not connecting and I am unable to get the thing up and running.

So with that said, I'll apologize now because I am not going to post an updated balance for either and I'm going to hold off on the "end of week" stat as well.

I can post updates for the Market Watch games though...

End of Day Update:

Stock Wars: N/A []

Market Millionaire: N/A []

Penny Stocks 1000: $618.17 -38.18% [] for a loss of $12.12 []

Growing the Lincolns the Game: $514.78 +2.96% [] for a loss of $30.19 []

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