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Friday, July 25, 2014

EOD Update 07-24-14

$GLUU took another hit to the stock price and stayed in the red with a close of $7.00 flat. Most of the people following the stock on StockTwits seemed to favor the idea that it was a profit taking issue. I'm still thinking that the price will hit the $9 to $10 mark at or shortly after the ER. I'll be pulling the trigger on my position shortly after ER and moving on to another trade. My gut tells me that this trade will not stay at the higher mark and will likely pull back once the ER and new game dust settles.

Also, a quick update on the affiliate marketing landing page. The domain is set up and working as a forwarding page and I'm already showing 6 unique hits since early Thursday morning. Fingers crossing I can get at least one conversion out of it. Just one will more than pay for the domain.

Just looking at the math of it... 6 hits in 24hrs

6 x 7 days in a week = 42 hits a week
42 x 4 weeks a month = 168 hits a month
168 x 12 months a year = 2,016 a year.

So, if just one person out of 2,016 sign up I've made money without any work. Thanks Tim!

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