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I've worn many hats during my entrepreneurial journey, including writing and creating whiteboard videos, marketing, investor relations (Blurbeo), owning and managing my own vapor pen brand (TouchESubject), servicing the real estate market and other clients as the CEO of Puget Sound Field Inspections, founded CLV Investments LLC, and currently holding a position with Byte Me LLC as a Digital Marketing Consultant.

This blog was originally started as a way for me to track my progress in trading stocks, but it's has since morphed into much more. I now use it as a window into what I'm doing to reach my goal of financial freedom. You're going to see what I'm doing to create multiple streams of income, articles and interviews that are business related or featuring other entrepreneurs, and most importantly you're going to get to know me and hopefully I can inspire you to pursue your own dreams

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Affiliate Marketing

While writing this blog is a great way for me to learn how to trade pennies and to maybe grow an audience should I start to see some serious gains...  but you'd be a fool not to monetize it in some fashion.

I'm not a huge fan of blogs and websites that overdo the advertising. It takes away from the feel of the site and hurts the overall experience.

That's why I tend to use affiliate links that are embedded within the posts and just a couple of ads on the site.

Out of curiosity I decided to play around with domain names while renewing www.Blurbeo.com for my whiteboard business and I found that TimothySykes.co was available for only $6.95 a year. I quickly checked Tim's site visits with compete.com and found that in June his site had roughly 46,000 unique visitors. I'm betting that I can scalp a few hundred visitors who accidentally leave out the "m" in .com. I've set up the domain as a forwarding page to my affiliate page for Tim on Profit.ly. Maybe I can create a small income stream from it.

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