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Sunday, March 20, 2016

5 Tips for Small Account Traders: Well 4 Good Ones

Here is a nice post on Profit.ly from ConnorAlerts, one of Tim's students that has had a great deal of success. I agree with four out of five tips. #3 regarding a trading app called RobbinHood is not something I'd suggest going with.

I've heard of people having some major issues with that app not allowing traders to execute trades until they complete some survey. In the world of pennies time truly is money because it can move huge percentages in a very short period of time... sometimes within a minute you can see jumps of 10% or more.

Granted, commission slippage is a major thing to take into account with making your trades on a small account because your position size is so much smaller that often times that trade may only see a gain or loss of $20 to $60.

But accepting poor execution to save a little money isn't worth it in my opinion. When I chose to take profits or cut losses I want it to be when I hit the button.


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