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Monday, March 21, 2016

$VCEL Profits & Trading Due to Boredom

I decided to close out one of my multi-day swing trades today even though the pattern is still holding. I did so mostly because I'm thinking that any gains with the way I entered a few of the swings will be hard to come by so I better cash out with a profit with they come. Unlike $SKY which is currently sitting on a gain of 34.08% and was entered as a more gradual inclining stock, $VCEL and a couple others were entered after large spikes, which can be very dangerous because the pumps could be fake or over inflated, and I may never get back up to that point. It would have been smarter to find an entry way before the spike.

But that said, I'll take the profit and refocus on my entry.

I did make one stupid mistake today. Though luckily it didn't cost my paper account anything. Watching the swings do little was causing a bit of trading boredom and I started to watch twitter for possible plays into the EOD. That's when I came across an alert for $GRMN that it was about to test the HOD and maybe it could continue the momentum from the earlier part of the day.

It did hit the HOD and go a little past, but nothing spectacular. It was a mistake because I was trading because I was bored and that left me at risk when I shouldn't have been placing myself at risk.

Update on swing trades:

$AVP -25.73%, short with a target of $3 to $3.50.
$FIG -5.15% , short with a target of about $3.85.
$GRPN -2.72%, short with a target of $3 to $3.20.
$NADL -17.00%, long goal of 10-20%.
$RJET -9.02%, long, looking to exit as soon as ticker is traded again. (Seems there was some activity but the chart doesn't show movement??? Not sure but I have a sell order pending)
$SDRL -13.05%, long goal of 10-20%.
$SKY +34.08%, long goal of 10-20%

Overall total on investment: -9.52%

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