Welcome to my blog. A lot has changed since I started this thing. I'm now trading live after about a year of paper trading and studying. Originally I had planned on starting part time and slowly growing my account but life has a funny way of changing your plans. I found myself at a crossroads of sorts and quickly realized that I was being given a once in a lifetime opportunity to pursue my goals. I took the leap and I'm not looking back. Follow me here and see the triumphs and the losses.

Updated (08-10-16)

I tend to look for momentum trades that I can hold for anywhere from a few hours to a few days. I usually take positions of $5k to $10k in size to allow larger gains on smaller percentages (it's easier to hit a 1% to 5% gain vs a 10% to 20%+ gainer) and I like to use a trailing stop.

This blog is a way for me to log my progress and to aid me in learning, I hope that you find it useful. Financial freedom isn't given, it is earned. So plant the seeds of education and grow your pennies!

Monday, March 28, 2016

Stock to Watch: Swing Updates

First and foremost, I hope you have a fun and safe Easter... those egg hunts can be dangerous! Seriously, did you see the article on the egg hunt that was ruined because greedy little moms and dads were behaving worse than their kids? ??

But anyways, back to trading pennies and building wealth. I didn't enter any new trades today because the market wasn't speaking to me this morning. $ACAD was on my watch list and really took off pre-market but that was about it.

I thought I'd share one trade setup I found that looks promising as a swing, $ODP on the 4 hour and Daily charts is setting up to be a possible breakout if it can rise past the $7.70ish range, which would then find resistance at about $8 to $8.90 levels. But I don't think it would do this in one market day, maybe a swing of a few days.

I also took a glance at my big win from last week, $SKY and gave my self a case of the should'a could'a wouldas, because it closed the day at $8.23, which would have me sitting at a 83.3% gain and a profit of $748. But I'm not complaining. I took a healthy gain.

Not sure what tomorrow will bring or if I'll be entering any trades, so in the meantime here is an update on the current swings I'm paper trading, many are still in the red but saw some gaining today:

$GRPN +$30, $NADL +$16, $SDRL +$90, $TRIL +$36

Update on swing trades:

$AVP -23.08%, short with a target of $3 to $3.50.
$GRPN +3.70%, short with a target of $3 to $3.20.
$NADL -26.50%, long goal of 10-20%.
$RJET -9.02%, long, looking to exit as soon as ticker is traded again.
$SDRL -17.24%, long goal of 10-20%.
$TRIL -11.19%, Long goal of 10-20% 

Overall total on investment: -12.48%

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