Welcome to my blog. A lot has changed since I started this thing. I'm now trading live after about a year of paper trading and studying. Originally I had planned on starting part time and slowly growing my account but life has a funny way of changing your plans. I found myself at a crossroads of sorts and quickly realized that I was being given a once in a lifetime opportunity to pursue my goals. I took the leap and I'm not looking back. Follow me here and see the triumphs and the losses.

Updated (08-10-16)

I tend to look for momentum trades that I can hold for anywhere from a few hours to a few days. I usually take positions of $5k to $10k in size to allow larger gains on smaller percentages (it's easier to hit a 1% to 5% gain vs a 10% to 20%+ gainer) and I like to use a trailing stop.

This blog is a way for me to log my progress and to aid me in learning, I hope that you find it useful. Financial freedom isn't given, it is earned. So plant the seeds of education and grow your pennies!

Monday, May 23, 2016

Back on Track $CLRB $PRNG $KEYW

My hold over the weekend of $CRLB worked out perfectly as it broke out and had a very strong morning spike. I was able to catch the meat of the move and netted a little over 23% gains.

I also to profits on my short swing of $PRGN that I had been holding for way too long. I was able to net a little over a 10% gain average with roughly $500 to add to my paper account. But the big earning here is the lesson of taking profits. At one point $PRGN was down in the $1.20 ranges which had me with over 30% gains average. I should have taken that and re-shorted to protect my profits. I didn't do that and was caught by an unexpected spike last week that slapped me back into the red. It faded in a few days and allowed me today exit, but I needed to have taken the profits earlier. Also, I was holding this too long in general because in a real trade I wouldn't be holding a short play as long as I did. Overall, a good lesson learned.

Lastly, I'm long overnight on $KEYW after being alerted to mid-day news of a major multi-contract win worth $460m with the US Cyber Command. News of the CFO changing to a new CFO who has defense experience also was released A/H though I'm not sure if it will have as much of a catalyst effect as the contract win. The contract wasn't the only reason I decided to buy this and hold overnight, the technicals looked good too. When I checked the charts I saw that it was breaking out of a multi-day resistance at $8.50 which to me signaled strength. It faded slightly at the EOD but still ended in the green with almost 6% gains.

Happy Trading

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