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Monday, May 16, 2016

Watch List for 05-17, Plus a Pump in Play

MGT ~ 72% @ EOD, double topped at $3.28, MAC-D neg crossover, AO red (look to short if it can break the $2.64 level. If it breakouts about $3.28 it could run much higher.

EBIO ~ 40% @ EOD, had a small breakout at $1.20, needs to crack the $1.25 before a gap to resistance at $1.50. Long if it can get past the $1.25, 4hr chart shows a spike and drop pattern, watch for possible short position if that pattern holds.

TWER ~ 38% @ EOD, multi day breakout at $0.28, could be a good momentum trade if it continues to climb, next resistance @ $0.50ish then $0.95 (Earnings)

AEGR ~ 33% @ EOD, potential breakout if it can crack $2.40 but overall chart is neg, lots of downward push

HERO ~ 21% @ EOD, potential breakout if it can crack $1.60 level. It already touched that level at slighting fell.

CVO ~ 17% @ EOD, momentum play, make sure it can stay above the $1.05 and $1 whole number to hold momentum.

CFMS ~ 14% @ EOD, potential short if the price can drop below $4.80. Daily and Wkly charts show a massive drop from $10 range to about $6 range, lots of downward push.

VLTC ~ 14% @ EOD, potential short if it can crack below $3.50 range. Price seems to be dumping from run up.

PGH ~ 13% @ EOD, look for new highs as this could continue to run 10% to 20% for a few more days. Next major resistance is $3.50ish but has had some strung downward push

LCLP ~ 18% @ EOD, pump and dump in play from OTCStockReview.com, “LCLP: Atlanta Capital Partners, LLC and OTCStockReview.com will receive $20,000 from LCLP for 180 days of advertising, branding, marketing, investor relations and social media services provided by Atlanta Capital Partners, LLC and OTCStockReview.com. Please read entire Atlanta Capital Partners, LLC's and OTCStockReview.com's Disclaimer for FULL Compensation Disclosures. Watch for fade and dump.

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