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Monday, May 23, 2016

Watch List 05-24

KEYW ~ 5.87% EOD, long overnight due to major multi-contract win worth $460m with US Cyber Command and multi-day breakout of the $8.50 resistance. Looking to sell into a run in the AM. Other news was released A/H that CFO was replaced by CFO with former defense contract experience.

XGTI ~ 96.51% EOD, missed on earning and appears to be fading. Could be a decent short if shares are to be found by the $0.1380 range. I doubt I’ll play this one.

BBEP ~ 68.92% EOD, almost traded this today and cancelled my limit order when I wasn’t going to get the price I was looking for @ $0.115 just above the breakout. Will watch for a potential play if it can crack today’s HOD and test $0.21.

SCON ~ 39.11% EOD, Earnings news and volume spike, does appear to have a double top on the 30min chart but if it can breakout past $0.30 and $0.32 levels there is nice upside potential to run.

WRES ~ 32.26% EOD, Earnings released, pending, this is a former runner so it can spike again. $0.18 and $0.20 are key levels that need to be broken for a real run.

CRDS ~ 30.79% EOD, no real news on this former runner. Going to watch the price action and see if this is being pumped.

CERE ~ 19.71% EOD, resent patent awards and product testing, if it can break out of the $0.2760 range it can potentially run to $0.30 or more.

CLRB ~ 17.97% EOD, Closed out my over the weekend long swing. Will continue to watch this to see if it can crack the $5 mark. If it can, we may see another $1 run up to $6. It seems overextended so this may be more risk than reward. On the short side, a crack of the $3 mark could push down quite a bit.

SOL ~ 15.45% EOD, Earnings, could breakout past the $1.45 level. It seems a little more choppy/undefined compared to other charts I’ve traded but a good play may materialize.

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