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Tuesday, May 3, 2016


My overnight trade with $ULTR turned out to be a big loss. I've ran into this before with other trades were my sleeping schedule makes it extremely difficult to be at the market open here on the Westcoast at 6:30am. I truly think that when I make the move to real money I am going to need to just stay up for the open and make my trade, then power nap before work etc. 

Even though I cut losses as quick as I could and now that I'm looking back at the chart and seeing the gap down, I think I wouldn't have done much better. 

I haven't had much luck with stocks under $1. The risk seems higher and I find myself getting burned more often than not.

Unfortunately the loss effected the way I traded my other overnight play on $PTX which was sitting on a little above 7% gains when I checked it. It was more of a knee jerk reaction and not truly thought out when I exited, but I took profits and then watched it climb to roughly $1.20 a share. I left a lot on the table with this one because I lost my appetite, but a 7% gain is still a nice gain.

I didn't like any of the percent gainers for the day and decided to sit out the Tue/Wed trade window. I did scale into my short position with $PRGN however because we saw a nice short squeeze today. There is no way that the stock will not crash soon. I can see it dropping to the $0.25 levels during this week. When the time comes this short play will be great. Only wish I was in real money with this one. 

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