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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Watch List for 05-27

ASX ~ 18% EOD, I’m short on this overnight from $5.75 with a tight stop set at $5.91 ($0.16). This had some merger type news today and climbed throughout the day. It has been in a sideways channel for a while however with the top at $5.90. That top level has now been tested 5 times with today’s failing to hold. My goal is to catch a fade tomorrow to $4.89 or even $4.40.

NERV ~ 233.33% EOD, Had positive phase 2 testing and gapped up in the opening before further climbing during the day. Has shown some fading into the EOD and A/H. I’m short bias and think this could come back down pretty quickly.

SGY ~ 36.73% EOD, This has had solid gains for a few days now and is showing signs that it may breakout over a multi-day level of .68 to .70.

HUSA ~ 31.60% EOD, Financials out, breaking out above .22 and could test .27 range if we continue to see momentum. I’d watch key resistance levels before going long as this could just be a dead cat bounce.

SKIS ~ 27% EOD, Financials and upgrade new, tested the resistance level at $4.56 but faded into the close. This could go either way but I’m more on the short bias side for it.

EBIO ~ 24.77% EOD, No current news to justify the move up, but had a nice run today breaking past the resistance level at $1.30. This may be a decent momentum play if the $1.30 continues to act as a support.

GLRI ~ 21% EOD, Financials, This is a former runner with runs that reached .38 and .66. The spikes are always short lived so this could just be a pop & drop. Either way may work but I’d be very cautious here.

ARP ~ 20.33% EOD, Financials, this has had several days of gains. There are several levels of resistance starting at $0.366 and going up to $0.60. I’d wait until momentum is confirmed by breakouts and solid supports.

GOGO ~ 16.35%, Contract win with airline, This had a nice move up on volume and the contract win as a catalyst. It does have some strong resistance to chew through at the $11.75 level which it tested at the HOD. If it isn’t able to crack that level it will likely get slapped back down to the $9.95 range before reversing and going to the retest.

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