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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Penny Farmer Crops to Watch 06/09

Today was pretty good for me. I’m long overnight in $GEVO and will be looking to sell into a pop in the AM or cut my losses. I also made a quick in and out trade of $OREX as it was squeezing into the close… a 7 minute hold netting $600! That should be as motivating to you as it is me. I’m constantly planting the seeds of education so that I can grow my pennies, I hope that you too are a penny farmer.

Here is my watch list (Crops) for tomorrow. Happy Trading!

Main Crops:

BSPM, 200.75% EOD. This had a huge run today after financials and high volume. There doesn’t seem to be much support on the chart, until the $5 to $5.50 ranges on the weekly chart. So if it can crack the $5 level and hold, then this may run a little more. But I’m more short bias on it because I don’t feel that the move today was warranted by the new catalyst.

GEVO, 59.08% EOD. This saw a nice rip today after news that two Alaska Airliners were using their fuel for the first time. There is the potential that the trial run could lead to a much larger contract with Alaska. I think that may be at the heart of the run today. I’m still long from $1.11 when I bought in for a breakout of $1.12. I was looking to exit when I hit a gain of 3% or so but the limit order didn’t get filled. It fade into the close so now my position is in the red, but I can see this possibly gaping/running in the AM.

OREX, 51.56% EOD. This had a slow grind up most of the day and then a squeeze into the close. I managed to trade the squeeze for a quick 5% gain. There is news out so the catalyst is there. This could move further up tomorrow before it dumps.

TPLM, 48.84% EOD. This had a nice move today with further gains in A/H. This could continue higher if the oil industry cooperates. I’m long bias on this at least for another day or two.

Side Crops:


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