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Monday, June 6, 2016

PennyFarmer Crops to Watch 06/07

Crops for 06/07byPaperAccount
Never too early for branding lol. Since my trading blog is pennyfarmer.com I'll go ahead and call my watch lists crops... why not right?
Main Crops:
HMNY ~ 549.16% EOD, This had a huge rip today from $1 range all the way to the HOD of $10! This was due to news of a pending merger and earnings. This could go either way honestly, it could still have a lot of upward momentum as late comers like myself look to jump in for a day two rip, or we can see this dumping because it went up too fast for its own good. Either way it is worth watching and is top on my list for tomorrow.

I missed the run on this today. I left the house to take my son to school and about 5 minutes later it broke out and ripped to $15. I hate missing a good play, especially when I was watching for it. But you can't force trades to fit your schedule and you have to realize that trades come and go, there will be another runner. Also wasn't able to short it into the close because the ToS platform didn't have shares to short. But I saw it and would have nailed the trade if I was able to get in.
VBLT ~ 72.54% EOD, This spiked in the morning due to news of positive cancer treatment trials. I’m actually a little short bias on this stock because it seems that many times a runner that fades into the close will dip further the following day. Not sure if I will trade this though.

Saw a decent short play but wasn't able to get shares in the ToS platform.
TPUB ~ 17.74% EOD, This had a decent run today with the news exposure on the Gannet bid thing. It’s a bit pricer than stocks I probably should be focusing on but with this being a major newspaper with widespread exposure it could see another day of momentum as it will likely show up on peoples scanners and news feeds today/evening.

I didn't see a good play here today but I'm going to keep it on the watch list. There was another article out today on a 16% owner buy in.
Side Crops:
As with many of my picks I spotted some good short plays but was unable to find shares to short so I had to sit them out. I was able to get in ARGS for a small 2.85% gain.
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