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Monday, June 13, 2016

Penny Farmer's Crops to Watch 06/13

Hello fellow penny farmers,

I hope you were not affected by the terror attack over the weekend. If you are, please know that my heart and prayers go out to you.

I’ll be paper trading still this week as I wait for funds to be transferred and I finish getting things in order.  I’m still debating if I should place the funds in my TD Ameritrade account or my ETrade account. I like the feel of trading with ToS and TD Ameritrade has always been good with customer service but I do worry about the shorting limitations and I like how Etrade may open up more setup opportunities with more shorting chances.

I’ll be depositing just shy of the $25k needed to get out from under the PDT rule and plan on taking positions sizes large enough to make a 2% to 6% profits to live on. I am a little nervous about taking larger positions because I’m sure the emotions are going to be epic to handle but I know it will increase my ability to be more consistent. It is just way easier to nail a small gain than always hitting 10% gains or more. Especially with my strategy of trading the last hour.

So with all that said, here are the crops to watch for Monday

Main Crops:

GEVO, -37.86% EOD.  This has been pretty active lately and I’ve traded it recently. It’s been in the red so I’m not overly excited about it but I saw that it was in news again over the weekend here in the PNW, also institutional ownership up 26.39% with 1.6mil purchased. Also a prospectus was recently filed suggesting plans to soon issue some securities. I have no idea what it will do on Monday if anything, but there seems to be a lot of potential catalysts out there so I think it is worth watching.

SPHS, 69.23% EOD. This had a huge run on Friday after reporting positive news on its phase 2 study on its prostate cancer treatment. I think this could run again this week and would look for a breakout of about $2.35 range, although if it continues to drop and can hold below $1.80 it could be a good entry to short.

HHS, 58.41% EOD. I’m watching this to see if it can retest the HOD from Friday of $2.09.

GBR, 47.37% EOD. I’d like to see this retest the $2.90s and would consider trading it again. I think I would be quick on the trig here though because last week my stop loss failed to execute here and what should have been a nice win turned into a small loss.

CNXR, 44.54% EOD. On Friday we had a double top form at $1.75 so I would watch and see if it fades from there or if it retests it and can push through.

SKLN, 38.25% EOD. A breakout above $0.20 could see it pop to the HOD on Friday

Side Crops:


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